The good resolution 2023: commit to an “eco-friendly” package.

There are currently more than a hundred mobile subscription offers on the market. How to choose ? The budget rarely changes, so let’s say we are always looking foran inexpensive packagelet’s say Less than 10 euros. Let’s keep the will to stay convenient and freewith a non-binding package, but also flexible if possible. So much for personal needs. Who fulfills these conditions, within a framework that takes into account the urgency of controlling our consumption of digital dataand the resulting carbon footprint?

Anti-waste and solidarity: the partnership between Source and Lilo

The principle : Born from an idea of ​​Bouygues Telecom, Source offers a unique, ecological and solidarity package. “Anti-waste”, even! Indeed, if you have not used all of your plan at the end of the month, your remaining gigas will be credited to your account in the form of “Drops”, according to the formula: 1 GB not consumed = 20 drops.

Solidaritybecause these drops are the “currency” of their partner, which has supported thousands of eco-responsible projects since 2015 (already more than 4.7 million euros donated). You choose which project or association you would like to support : WWF or the SPA? Restos du Coeur or Doctors Without Borders? Refugees from the war in Ukraine or an organic bulk grocery store near you?

The single package: 10 euros all round for 40 GB mobile data in 4G, rate guaranteed for life. It’s a blocked planbut he is rechargeable in increments of 5 GB for €2. Calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited in mainland France, Europe Zone and overseas departments. It’s rather generous at this price, travelers will appreciate.

Sober, cheap, and “forest”: it’s Mint Mobile

The principle : Here is a second operator that uses the Bouygues 4G and 5G network. Mint Mobile offers small, sober and inexpensive packages, three in total. It promotes the economy of data, and helps you with its advice. And if you need a new smartphone, the operator has refurbished Android and iPhone to offer.

His own partner is Reforest’action : for a subscribed package, or a refurbished phone purchased, Mint undertakes to plant a tree. Already more than 524,000 trees have been planted thanks to the Mint Communitywhich also includes its “energy”, solar and “smart products” customers.

The 3 Mint Mobile plans:

A mini-package at 5 euros, and two packages of 50 GB each, one in 4G, the other in 5G. This is good enough for average and comfortable use. The 4G offer, to remain comparable, is at the same price as the previous one: €9.99/month, but it increases to €17.99 per month the second year. A little more data per month, and also 19 call destinations in the world in addition. We will also appreciate a 100% customer service based in France.

Prixtel, for more scale

Make a gesture for the planet, of course, but you can’t always cut back on your mobile consumption when you are an active “in the wind”. For those in a hurry who stream in transport, salespeople always on face-call, or network addicts, here is Prixtel, user of the SFR network, and its mobile plans without commitment but with lots of data, unique on the market.


The package adapts exactly to your mobile data consumption and operates in increments: from 50 to 130 GB, or from 100 to 140 GB, or from 140 to 200 GB. The prices range from €9.99 to €18.99 per month, in 4G or 5G. Here’s what to pay “the right price”. Comparable to the previous ones, the package Oxygen is €9.99 up to 50 GB. Note: there is a Pro offer.

Ethics : the company aims local, and tries by all means to reduce its greenhouse gases, its carbon footprint, and that of its customers. 80% of its employees are teleworking, they have helped plant thousands of trees in two French forests, and modernize three farms in Isère. Between uses and momentum of the heart, it’s up to you to see where your preference will go!

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The good resolution 2023: commit to an “eco-friendly” package.

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