The founder of Pebble is campaigning for a small Android smartphone


The founder of Pebble, quite well known in the Android community, is trying to bring about a small revolution in the mobile industry. Its objective: to push manufacturers to create a small premium smartphone under Android.

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Is the “little” smartphone dead? If it still lives vaguely through certain “mini” versions of flagship mobiles, the smartphone tends to adopt ever larger screen diagonals. Eric Migicovsky, founder of the company Pebble known for its smartwatchesand who is working on a chat application that will bring iMessage to Android, has set itself the new mission of resuscitating the smartphone that is used with one hand.

He thus created a site called, where he details the smartphone of his dreams. He says he wants a premium product the size and shape of the iPhone Mini or less, but running Android. The product would also benefit from an excellent photo module and a version of Android without overlay. If Eric Migicovsky does not dwell on other components, for which he says he is “flexible”, he still mentions the Oled, a Snapdragon 8xx processor, or even the NFC. As for the price, it should not exceed $800.

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The founder of Pebble is campaigning for a small Android smartphone

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