The best packages to acquire the cheaper Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

With its two foldable screens, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 looks like a UFO but nevertheless rivals the best phones of the moment. The operators Orange, Bouygues and SFR offer their best 5g plans to accompany this technological marvel. What is the most interesting and how to combine promotions to have it cheaper? We take stock for you.

Galaxy Z Fold4, the dual-screen smartphone that is driving the web crazy

Let’s start with that screen everyone is talking about: a 6.2-inch exterior screen and, above all, a huge 7.6-inch interior screen, both well calibrated and very bright. These Gorilla Glass Victus+ type screens are the best in terms of resistance to shocks and scratches. Their dimensions are ideal for watching movies or series, playing games with greater immersion, but also for work or taking notes.

Needless to say, this is a very powerful smartphone, with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor combined with 12 GB of RAM. It will therefore run any video game smoothly with great image quality and allow you to work in multitasking mode without any slowdown.

With its 50 Mpx wide-angle module, its 12 Mpx ultra-wide-angle module and its 10 Mpx telephoto lens, it excels in taking photos and portraits, even from afar. It’s a 5G smart phone relatively enduring given its performance and the size of its screens.

What budget to acquire this little gem from Samsung?

Excluding promotion, the samsung smart phone Z Fold4 256 GB is sold between €1,679 and €1,799 in Orange, SFR, Bouygues and Free stores. On the internet, however, it can be found between €1,285 and €1,649 for a 256 GB version, but be careful because not all sellers are equal. In any case, more than €1,200 is the price to pay for such revolutionary technology, not to mention the Wow effect it provides!

However, tips allow you to pay less for your Z Fold4. For example, by reselling an old mobile online on ad sites between individuals to promote it rather than letting it gather dust in a drawer. It is also possible to resell it so that it is reconditioned. Most operators offer a significant trade-in bonus, for example €100 at Bouygues, €50 at Orange, €200 at SFR. All you have to do is have your old mobiles estimated in a few seconds on their websites.

The packages to acquire the Samsung Z Fold4 at the best price

The most interesting remains finance your Z Fold4 with a mobile plan :

  • At SFR with the 150 GB 5G plan. The smartphone can be financed in several instalments: €1,059 when ordering then €8/month for 24 months with a deferred reimbursement of €80, which reduces the smartphone at €1,171. Other financing methods are possible, such as credit in 4 or 24 instalments. The package is offered at €30/month thanks to a special discount for 1 year then €45/month with a 24-month commitment. SFR Box customers will benefit from a lower rate of €22/month for 1 year then €37/month.

  • At the house of Bouygues Telecom with the 200 GB plan. It is possible to finance the Z Fold4 in one go (cash payment), in financing (€19.90 after reimbursement then €28.39/month for 36 months) or in easy payment (€849.90 after reimbursement then 8 €/month for 24 months). In all cases, the smartphone costs €1,041.90. The package is offered at €29.99/month for 12 months then €49.99/month with a 24-month commitment. Bbox customers will be able to benefit from an additional discount of €5/month.

  • At Orange with the 220 GB 5G plan. With €100 immediate discount, the Galaxy Z Fold4 returns to just €899, payable in one go because Orange does not offer payment facilities. The 220 GB 5G plan is €49.99/month for the first 12 months, then €64.99/month with a 24-month commitment.

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The best packages to acquire the cheaper Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

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