The Bbox Fit with Fiber at Bouygues Telecom is less than €10/month

Bouygues Telecom strikes a blow during the summer holidays by offering its Bbox Fit with Fiber (up to 400 Mb/s) at an unbeatable price: only 9.99 euros per month.

If you are looking for the cheapest Fiber offer on the market at the moment, Bouygues Telecom is the place to turn today. The already very attractive operator with its mobile plans cheap now offers an irresistible promotion for its Bbox Fit, since said Internet box is displayed less than 10 euros per month.

What does the Bbox Fit offer?

  • A fiber connection up to 400 Mb/s
  • A fixed line with unlimited calls
  • Wi-Fi 5 compatibility

Until September 20, 2022the Bouygues Telecom Bbox Fit is available at the preferential price from only 9.99 euros per month, with a one-year commitment. The monthly rate then increases to 30.99 euros after the first year of subscription.

The installation of Fiber is free and Bouygues Telecom even reimburses you up to 100 euros for the termination costs of your old Internet service provider. Note also that with this offer you can get 6 months Spotify Premium subscription for free.

An efficient and inexpensive fiber offer

The Bbox Fit is the cheapest Internet box at Bouygues Telecom and allows the operator’s new customers to have access to Fiber for a ridiculous price, especially at the moment thanks to this promotion. No integrated TV decoder, but only the essentials with an FTTH connection of up to 400 Mb/s, both for downloading and sending. This is not the best speed available, but it is already a sufficient gap if you are currently on ADSL or if you are equipped with a 4G box at home.

You’ll enjoy a great connection for the whole family, even if everyone is online at the same time. Some devices can be connected via the Ethernet ports of the Bouygues box, but you can also count on the presence of Wi-Fi 5 to ensure a stable connection without too much loss.

What more with the Bbox Fit?

If you don’t have the Internet at home at the moment, Bouygues Telecom undertakes to provide you with free access via a 4G key loaded with 100 GB of data, enough to wait until you receive your equipment and the arrival of the technician to permanently install the Fiber in your home.

There is also a fixed telephone line with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France, as well as to landlines in more than 110 countries. The limit is set at 199 different correspondents, with a non-package if you go beyond that.

Our Fiber/ADSL comparator

To go even further and compare Bouygues Telecom’s Bbox Fit offer with the others, we invite you to consult our comparator of the best ADSL and Fiber offers from the moment.


Bbox must Fibre

1 semaine

Débit jusqu’à 1 Gb/s

180 chaînes de TV incluses

Téléphonie vers 110 destinations

Fibre, Câble

RED box Fibre

Dernier jour !

Débit jusqu’à 1 Gb/s

Sans Player TV

Téléphonie vers 100 destinations


Orange Livebox Fiber

1 week

Flow rate up to 500 Mbps

150 TV channels included

Telephony to 110 destinations

All internet boxes

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The Bbox Fit with Fiber at Bouygues Telecom is less than €10/month

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