Telephone canvassing: Here are the numbers to filter on your landline or mobile

Since January 1, 2023, commercial canvassing platforms can no longer, in theory, call you from numbers starting with 06 or 07. Since the beginning of the year, they must use a new category of so-called general-purpose numbers, reserved for this use, according to an Arcep decision dating from September 2022. A new numbering system which should, in principle, allow you to filter unwanted calls more effectively even though you are on the Bloctel list. To end the little tour of the BeMac this Thursday, the 349th “Before the Coffee Machine” of this fifth day of January, we celebrate Saint Edward.

When commercial canvassing turns into telephone harassment

Who among us hasn’t had a call on their landline or mobile phone number offering us to reduce our energy consumption with attic insulation for 1 euro (since June 30 it’s over), d opt for a new health insurance company, see to change windows and doors, change insurance or simply to answer surveys. Undoubtedly everyone, even those on the Bloctel list, as the vein for certain companies remains inexhaustible.

Some companies that canvass by telephone do not hesitate to call potential customers up to 20 times a day. And as the interlocutors begin to stop answering when they see the beginning of certain numbers, they have chosen to circumvent this by pretending to be lambda calls with an 06 or an 07. Or when the commercial canvassing becomes really too intrusive!


End of canvassing with 06 and 07

Since the New Year, commercial canvassing platforms no longer have the right to call you using a telephone number starting with 06 or 07. They are obliged to use exclusively a new category of so-called multi-purpose numbers, reserved for this use, according to an Arcep decision dating from September 2022. Normally, if all this is respected to the letter, canvassing can no longer be done with lambda numbers, some companies do not not hesitating to impersonate a number other than the caller. We are talking here about spoofing which means in French “usurpation”.

Commercial canvassing companies must now, in theory, go through a new category of numbers reserved for this use, according to the new national numbering plan drawn up by ARCEP starting with :

0162, 0163, 0270, 0271, 0377, 0378, 0424, 0425, 0568, 0569, 0948, 0949 (metropolitan France)
09475 (Guadeloupe, St-Martin, St-Barthélemy)
09476 (Guyana)
09477 (Martinique)
09478, 09479 (Reunion, Mayotte)

In addition, numbers beginning with 09 37 to 09 39 may be used to send messages from a commercial brand to its customers, or for special contact (delivery of parcels, notification of the arrival of a VTC driver, automated appointment reminder, etc.).

Consumer protection that will have to prove itself!

In practice, as with each new turn of the screw, they were able to adapt and continue to assail landline calls, as despite the fact that people are registered on the Bloctel list. The same is true for commercial canvassing at the CPF, which has been definitively prohibited for a few weeks.

In the meantime, you can already start filtering these numbers if your telephone operator or your Internet service provider allows it, as we talked about a few months ago in the forum about “ Fraudulent calls from Algeria +213 00213 on Free Mobile “. Check your carrier’s FAQ to see if it’s possible to filter by number range.

There is also the Orange phone application which allows for type filtering. Orange Telephone is a free and ad-free application that replaces your native call button to allow you to detect and block unwanted calls, identify unknown numbers, be informed of the prices of calls to premium rate numbers, and much more.

Also beware of the ping call also called spam call

Finally, there is also the Ping call, a technique which is almost unstoppable and which relies on the curiosity of the French to absolutely know who called them. Indeed, this mobile scam relies solely on the fact that the person receiving the call will try to find out who called them. In fact, you receive a call on your mobile and after one ring the correspondent hangs up without giving you time to pick up. And if you try to call him back, you will come across a premium rate number in the worst case scenario, in the best case scenario someone telling you that you have just won a voucher and that you must call a premium rate number to validate your price. When you are told that curiosity is a bad thing!


Bloctel: the canvassing opposition list

As a reminder, Bloctel is the list of opposition to telephone canvassing on which any consumer can register free of charge in order to no longer be solicited by telephone by a professional with whom he has no current contractual relationship, in accordance with Law No. 2020-901 of July 24, 2020 aimed at regulating cold calling and combating fraudulent calls. The law specifies that it is prohibited for any professional, directly or through a third party acting on his behalf, to canvass by telephone a consumer registered on this list, with the exception of the cases listed by law.

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Telephone canvassing: Here are the numbers to filter on your landline or mobile

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