Syma Mobile problem: which failures are the most reported?

Syma mobile problems

Are you having network problems with the operator Syma Mobile? Not sure if these issues are temporary or if it’s a deeper technical problem and you don’t know how to fix it? We detail in our guide all the frequent breakdowns with Syma Mobile and we offer you suitable solutions.

  • The essential
  • The Syma Mobile problems can be numerous: from sending SMS and MMS, to cut and jerky calls or even 4G and 5G network failures.
  • Different solutions can be put in place to solve the problems encountered, in checking his sim or in configuring your Syma Mobile APN for instance.
  • In case of recurring network problems, do not hesitate to contact Syma Mobile customer service via different means: by contact form, by telephone, by chat or via social networks.

What are the problems and bugs related to the Syma mobile network?

Syma Mobile operator is defined as a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) which does not have its own network infrastructure but relies on the network of its SFR partner. This partnership makes it possible to offer subscribers numerous 4G or 5G mobile offers.

Despite the strength of SFR networklike all operators on the market, Syma Mobile may encounter problems and bugs that we detail below.

smart phone

Syma mobile SMS problem

Are you having problems sending SMS or MMS to your loved ones on a recurring basis, your messages are not going out or you are unable to receive them? It can come from a incorrect configuration of your APN mobile. The good news is that a solution exists, and that we will develop it a little further in our guide to fixing your MMS Syma and SMS problem. By following our step-by-step explanation, you should be able to exchange messages and photos with your loved ones again.

Syma 4G/5G network issues and outages

If you don’t get 4G or 5G networkdepending on the plan and options chosen, this can be due to different connection problems:

  • of a poor SFR network coverage which would prevent you from getting an internet connection in certain places.
  • of a wrong APN configurationcoming from a poorly configured smartphone.

In the first case, we invite you to move to see if the problem persists and to contact customer service. In the second case, it is necessary configure your Syma Mobile APN following the methodology that we will explain to you following the article.

Syma bug to make calls

Your calls are cut off or your conversations are jerky and you frequently encounter this Syma Mobile problem? It can come from a bad SFR network coverage. This can for example be explained in transport or in isolated places on which the SFR network would not be perfectly deployed.

Below is the map of Syma Mobile network coverage. It is important to note that more than 90% of calls made by Syma Mobile subscribers are without interruptions or reported bugs. Also, if you encounter frequent problems, do not hesitate to contact customer service to report your bug and find appropriate and effective solutions.

What solutions exist to resolve Syma Mobile bugs?

Different manipulations and configurations must be checked to ensure that the problems are indeed linked to the network and that it does not come from your SIM card or your APN. We detail the checks and areas for optimization to be carried out below to take full advantage of your Syma subscription.

Is your SIM card working properly?

broken sim card

The first thing to check when experiencing network issues is that your Syma sim card. Indeed, a dysfunctional or incorrectly positioned SIM card can cause network problems. To make sure it works:

  • Check that she is well positioned in your smartphone and adapted in terms of size.
  • Reinsert your SIM card and reposition it if necessary.
  • Insert it and test it on another smartphone to check if it works by browsing the internet, making a call and sending MMS and SMS.

In the event that your SIM card is dysfunctional, you can simply order a new one to enjoy your entire mobile plan again.

Is the SFR network coverage good?

The Syma Mobile problem you are having may be caused by SFR network bug or poor network coverage. Since October, the only partner network of the MVNO is the SFR operator but previously Syma Mobile also relied on the Orange network. If your problems date from this period, it may be due to the fact that the Orange network coverage was stronger in your area.

Also, we invite you to contact customer service to check the coverage of the SFR network and find suitable solutions. If the problem is anecdotal, it may just be a breakdown of the SFR national network and get it back to normal very quickly.

Is your Syma Mobile APN correctly configured?

Connecting to the internet, sending SMS or MMS can be linked to a problem with the APN Syma, which is a network identifier allowing you to use all the services offered by an operator. A well-configured APN allows to access the internet from their smartphone or to send MMS.

To know: the Syma SMS sending problem or calls are not affected by a bad configuration of the APN. These two services do not use the internet and therefore work even if the APN is incorrectly configured.

The APN configuration is done automatically as soon as you insert your SIM into your smartphone. However, it is not impossible that this one was badly carried out and that you had to change settings from your smartphone as follows:

  1. Go to the parameters or settings from your smartphone.
  2. Click on the heading “SIM card and mobile networks” on Android or “Cellular data” on Iphone.
  3. Go into “Access Point Names” on Android or “Cellular data network” on Iphone.
  4. Complete the information below according to the type of smartphone you have.
  5. Restart your smartphone.
Syma Mobile APN Information
On Android On iPhone (iOS)
  • Name: Syma
  • APN:
  • MMSC:
  • MMS Proxy:
  • MCC: 208
  • MNC: 30
  • APN type: default, hipri, mms, dun
  • Name: Syma
  • APN: syma
  • MMSC:
  • MMS Proxy:
  • Max size MMS: 614400
syma mobile customer service

Are you experiencing a general Syma Mobile network problem and would you like to contact the operator’s after-sales service for advice and solutions to your Syma outage? Be aware that there are many ways to contact the operator’s customer service to resolve your Syma Mobile problem, we detail them below:

  • By telephone by dialing 243 from a mobile phone subscribed to the operator or the 08 00 94 39 03 from a landline. The brand’s customer service is available Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. but also on weekends from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. This call is completely free in mainland France and will allow you to quickly obtain answers to your questions and to guide you as best as possible to resolve your Syma Mobile breakdown.
  • By emailby contacting the Syma customer service directly to the following address: and by exposing them to a Syma Mobile problem or your questions about your bills or your consumption.
  • Via the operator’s websiteby accessing the cat advisor or simply through the Contact form.
  • Through social networks on which the operator is present, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to ask your questions and discuss with the teams of moderators. If the moderators do not have direct answers to help you, your request will be sent to customer service who will contact you later.
  • By going to one of the Syma Mobile stores, or one of the after-sales service near you, to meet the teams on site who can support you and advise you to solve your problems and answer your questions. You can simply find all of the operator’s stores on its website by going to the “Contact us” tab and providing the name of your city or your postal code.

Beyond these different points of contact allowing you to discuss the Syma network problem, you can also consult the FAQcontaining the questions most frequently asked by Internet users, and directly accessible on the mobile operator’s site.

termination of contract

If your Syma Mobile problem persists despite your discussions with customer service and you are not satisfied with the operator’s services, know that it is possible to make a termination procedure to change operator.

All Syma Mobile subscriptions being non-binding, you can simply cancel your plan at any time and free of charge. For this, the best method to follow is to write a registered letter informing the operator that you do not wish to terminate your Syma mobile package. This letter must be sent with acknowledgment of receipt to the Syma Mobile service, at the following address:

Syma Mobile Termination
153 Avenue d’Italie
75013 Paris

Your letter should contain the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your Syma Mobile customer or contract number
  • A photocopy of your passport or ID
  • A photocopy of your Syma Mobile contract
  • The date and your signature

Once the mail has been received, Syma Mobile customer service will send you an SMS or an email to acknowledge receipt. You will then have to wait about ten days before your contract is suspended.

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Syma Mobile problem: which failures are the most reported?

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