Swimming – The mobile swimming pool resumes service all summer, in Guéret (Creuse)

The Cercle des Nageurs Guérétois and its director, Charles Freby will once again use their mobile equipment, an ephemeral pool, to remedy the lack of a swimming pool in Guéret this summer.
The “Swimming in Guéret” operation will be repeated like last year with a mobile, covered and heated four-by-eight meter pool.

A mobile pool to fill a gap

This 1.20 meter deep pool will be located next to the Federation of Secular Works of Creuse, chemin des Granges, in Guéret, from July 11 to August 26: “We can take up to six children maximum at the same time to be in good teaching conditions, afterwards, it’s not that we can’t accommodate more but we really emphasize the quality of learning. »
Adults can also practice aquagym in groups of eight people.
The arrival of this pool will therefore make it possible to fill a void currently in Guéret since it is not possible to learn to swim elsewhere: “The goal is to take non-swimming children as a priority to teach them to swim. For the little ones, we offer aquatic ease and we try to put them at ease in the water and put them in safety because it is really the big lack at the moment on Guéret. »
Several slots will be available to people wishing to join these groups, provided they reserve their place with the Cercle des Nageurs Guérétois: “It is open to children from the age of four and adults who cannot swim. »

The mobile pool also used at Notre-Dame de Guéret school at the start of the year

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Regarding these new learning conditions, swimming teachers have had to adapt to the size of their pool which is three times smaller than usual, even if this is not a problem for the initiation to swimming: “Learning takes place over short distances, even in a classic pool. So there, eight meters, that’s more than enough. When a child falls into the water, he is generally two meters from the edge, so the aim of the game is for him to be able to get back to the edge to get to safety on his own, even if at first his swimming is not necessarily codified. »
The Cercle des Nageurs Guérétois also works in collaboration with the Rondisport de la Creuse association, with aquagym sessions every Wednesday evening as part of the theme of healthy sports.

The mobile pool was also able to be used in schools this year: “We installed it at the Notre Dame school, which kindly welcomed us into its premises, between the February holidays and the Easter holidays, where we been able to give lessons from the large kindergarten section to CM2. »

Registrations: Circle of Guérétois Swimmers. Information and reservations by phone at or by e-mail: nageursgueretois@free.fr.

Apajh wants to strengthen its inclusive offer in Creuse

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Swimming – The mobile swimming pool resumes service all summer, in Guéret (Creuse)

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