Starlink connects your motorhome to the Internet with its new RV formula

Do you miss the internet terribly during your getaways? Starlink could have the solution, provided you pay the price.

In addition to the Ukrainian fighters to whom it already renders proud services, Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite internet service, continues to grow. But it still suffers from a defect considered by some to be prohibitive: to use the antenna in a different location, it is necessary to consent to a certain number of financial and logistical sacrifices… or at least, it was the case until the arrival of a brand new offer for motorhomes.

Baptized “Starlink for RVs”, this new service essentially offers the same guarantees as a standard Starlink antenna. The firm thus promises “immediate, high-speed, low-latency Internet access”. This satellite connection should be accessible from all areas already served by the constellation. In theory, this should therefore cover all of metropolitan France.

A new service available immediately

Unlike fixed Starlink terminals which are still regularly subject to a waiting list, this RV version also has the particularity of being available “immediately”, at least with the few addresses we tested (Marseille, Strasbourg, Renne and Paris). In addition, it is also possible to suspend the service when the vehicle is parked while waiting for the return of sunny days. All it takes is one visit to the site to restart billing.

Also note that this is a separate offering from the “mobility” of the basic offer. The latter actually allows you to move your antenna, but you have to pay an additional cost and above all sacrifice your priority access.

This RV offer costs the same price as the standard offer with the mobility option. It has the advantage of not depending on a connection registered at a particular address. However, it also suffers from certain limitations. The most important of these: fixed connections will remain a priority.

This new offer is primarily aimed at bulky vehicles such as motorhomes. © Brian Wangenheim – Unsplash

A potentially unstable but still expensive connection

In terms of network resources, priority will always be given to customers of other Starlink services over Starlink for RVs users.”, explains the FAQs. The service could therefore be “degraded and slower in congested areas and at peak times”, especially in areas still on the waiting list. So don’t expect the same quality of service as at home.

In addition, it is important to specify that this new offer is reserved for immobilized vehicles. It is in no way designed to operate while the vehicle is in motion. No question of installing an access point on the roof to allow a rambunctious child to be entertained on the road to vacation.

© Starlink

It will also be necessary to have an appropriate vehicle. Because it will not have escaped you, the offer is not baptized “Starlink for cars”. As Musk also clarified on Twitter, the terminal is still too large to be reasonably mounted on a standard car. At the extreme limit, this may be possible on a van. But this offer is primarily aimed at owners of caravans and motorhomes.

Finally, the bill also seems particularly salty compared to a solid roaming connection. You have to start by paying 634 € for the equipment plus 71 € for the delivery. The subscription will then cost €124 per month of activity. It therefore remains to be seen whether tech-savvy holidaymakers who love long road trips in motorhomes will be seduced.

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Starlink connects your motorhome to the Internet with its new RV formula

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