Star Wars: Puzzle Droids, the intergalactic Candy Crush

This is perhaps the favorite mobile game of Obi-Wan Kenobi and all the characters from Star Wars : Puzzle Droids is a fun and addictive puzzle game, which challenges players to help the adorable BB-8 regain his memory, in a game that looks like candy Crush. Will the Force be with you?

How many times droids have saved humans in movies Star Wars ? In fact, the saga could never have started if R2-D2 and C-3PO (but especially R2-D2) had not delivered Princess Leïa’s message to Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Jedi master who returns from elsewhere for his own series, this Friday, May 27 on Disney+ (with Ewan McGregor reprising his role). And in the latest trilogy, it’s once again a droid, BB-8, that sets Rey’s grand adventure in motion. During films and series, droids have therefore always helped humans, regularly saving their lives. So for once, it’s normal for humans to help droids, playing Star Wars: Puzzle Droids !

Good news: while the popular mobile game Star Wars: Puzzle Droids is no longer available on the stores, it appears in the huge catalog of SFR Games Unlimited, the SFR application offering unlimited play and no ads. The perfect opportunity to find this Candy-Crush-like, whose goal is to help BB-8 regain his memory. To do this, you have to combine the right gems (which you can imagine being Kyber crystals, used to make lightsabers), to align them, in order to score as many points as possible, with “Star Wars- iennes”: TIE Fighters come to destroy the remaining tiles, characters like Rey, C-3PO, Poe Dameron and all the others come regularly, we explore the scenery of the saga, and we can even pilot the mythical ships, from a particularly original way.

May the Force be with you

If the animations are on top and allow you to go back to the speed of light in the galaxy far, far away from Star Wars, the controls are much easier to understand than those of the Millennium Falcon. No need to be Han Solo to assimilate the principle: just use your fingers on the touch screen to align the gems, which disappear when three similar touch each other. If there are five (or more), bonuses can be unlocked, with items allowing BB-8 to be even more effective, like blasters! With dozens of levels, always in the movie sets, Star Wars: Puzzle Droidscan keep you entertained for hours, with a nice feeling of satisfaction when the victories are linked, and you will really feel that the Force is with you!

In short, a simple and effective mobile game, with music from the saga for total immersion. Simply essential for fans.

Go to the SFR Games application, available on Android and iOS; How to access it? if you bought an Android smartphone from SFR or Red: the application is already pre-installed there; otherwise go to from your mobile.

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Star Wars: Puzzle Droids, the intergalactic Candy Crush

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