Spotlight on this week’s good deal from B&You from Bouygues Telecom!

And here is the good deal of the day signed Bouygues Telecom! The operator still offers you its B&You 100 GB promotional subscription which is worth the detour. Until September 19, and at the price of €14.99 per month, this mobile subscription is a bargain with no time commitment and no price that increases in 6 or 12 months. Two other non-binding, unconditional packages with 1 GB or 200 GB are available from B&You at €4.99 and €19.99 per month respectively, so come and discover the details of these 3 good plans:

Bouygues Telecom 100 GB B&You mobile plan

To the delight of thrifty people, theoperator Bouygues Telecom continues to offer limited edition B&You 100Go. Displayed at the super price of €14.99 per month, this mobile subscription is valid until September 19th.

This back-to-school promotion allows you to enjoy a complete mobile plan at advantageous prices. In France, you will indeed have unlimited calls and SMS to mainland France and to the overseas departments as well as unlimited MMS in France. If you plan to travel in Europe or the overseas departments, you can call and exchange SMS without counting towards metropolitan France, Europe and the overseas departments. MMS sent from Europe and the French overseas departments are deducted from the Internet envelope authorized each month, namely 20 GB.

For your Web consumption, this B&YOU package offers 100 GB of 4G internet each month for use in mainland France, including 20 GB for use within the European Union and overseas departments.

This inexpensive solution B&YOU of Bouygues Telecom is accessible as part of a new subscription. You will be charged €10 for the SIM card upon registration. You can request the portability of your mobile number by entering your RIO code when you register.

Two other good B&You plans for this month of September

By offering a 1 GB mobile offer for less than €5, B&You also thought about small budgets! The exact price of the B&You telephone subscription? Only €4.99/month for maximum benefits! All without any unpleasant surprises after a few months, since this super good deal is valid without any duration condition! If this cheap phone subscription convinces you, you will be able to benefit from many services in France, from overseas and from the European Union, such as 1 GB of data as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

B&You 1GB mobile plan on sale

And for those who are completely addicted to the web on their smartphones, B&You is also there: With its unlimited 200 GB 4G offer in France and its 25 GB of data in Europe and overseas departments, this mobile subscription has everything to seduce you. If you subscribe to this non-binding mobile offeryou will also have plenty of time to call and send SMS/MMS at will in mainland France, from the overseas departments and from the European Union.

B&You 200 GB plan for less than 20 euros

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Spotlight on this week’s good deal from B&You from Bouygues Telecom!

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