South of Dinan: after a month without internet, they are angry at Orange’s attitude

Olivier Desportes received no message from the operator despite a professional contract. ©André Jégou

Without a landline and internet for a month, several breeders from Guenroc and Saint-Maden are affected. They can no longer be notified by alarms if a problem occurs at their pigpens.

The problem is no longer having alarm supervision due to the removal of the fixed line. If, for example, there is a breakdown of the ventilation which could cause deaths animals, an alarm is triggered and allows me to be informed instantly via the telephone. I can therefore intervene immediately, day and night. Currently, I no longer have a telephone line and as a result, I no longer have any surveillance. It is a stress, a great concern, when arriving at the breeding “, testifies Olivier Desportes, pig farmer in Guenrocwho regrets the lack of information from the operator.

Last login on August 27

» I have no message, no information from the operator despite a professional contract. My last login was on August 27 at 2am. »

In Saint-Maden, the managers of the SCEA Dartois pig farm are encountering the same difficulties.

“Since August 27, we no longer have Internet and telephone. I phoned with the mobile on Friday, September 23 and was told that it would be fixed at 11:00 p.m.… In fact, it still doesn’t work. This is a very big concern. Our alarms (ventilation, power, fire) are all connected to the landline. We do not live on site and we are not allowed to set an audible alarm that could disturb the neighborhood. We are waiting get it fixed. And if there is a claim, what will Orange do? We already know the answer. Orange won’t do anything because it’s a service,” explains Marlene Dartois.

This situation also poses a problem for people who work from home. The only solution is to return to work at the company. Who will bear the travel costs?

Cable theft attempt

» Last August 27, we suffered an attempted theft of two cables damaging our equipment in several places over a length of 5 km. Our teams intervened several times last week to repair the cables, but we must continue our investigations because faults persist. We’re going to have to dig up our cables using an excavator over several hundred meters to find other impact areas and start the necessary repairs. This procedure should last several days. Orange apologizes for the inconvenience caused and is doing everything possible to restore customers as quickly as possible despite the complexity of the file. Pending full recovery, Orange offers its customers 200GB of data on their mobile subscriptions or with domino 4G to maintain an internet connection. »

Distress and worry in the elderly

Many elderly people live alone at home. In Guenroc, Jeannine, 86, lives behind the village hall.

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It doesn’t go at all. We don’t have a phone anymore. If I want to call someone, I can’t and if someone wants to call me, it’s not possible. This poses a problem if you need to join the rescue. And there are many of us in this case.

Jeanine, 86 years old

The mayor, Roger Costard, is worried about the elderly. I am thinking of a 94-year-old woman who lives alone at home, with no neighbors, in the countryside, 2 km from the town. We have a lot of old people who live alone at home. If these people have a problem, what can they do? We must not wait for a tragedy to occur before reacting. »

In the town, a retiree says: “Orange calls me on my cell phone every week to say that it doesn’t work and thatthey don’t know when it will be restored. The laptop passes very difficult and what annoys us is not no more TV. My wife is looking for work and it’s complicated without the Internet. And we continue to pay the subscription. We have high commercial expectations. »

Identical situation in Saint-Maden

In Saint-Maden, people who work from home and the elderly experience the same difficulties. Connected remote alarms on the landline no longer work.

Serge Brionne, President of Mad’in Madroc, met on Sunday at the creators’ market, did not take off.

“We had big problems with our communication. We are used to making 60×80 posters at a printer in Saint-Malo. We could not send him the model by Internet. And we couldn’t go because we’re working. Orange promises us every 8 days that it will be fixed. We were caught up in the deadlines and we didn’t get any posters. We couldn’t share on social networks because it goes badly with cell phones. We had a lot less people than usual. It’s a big loss.”

André Jégou (CLP)

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South of Dinan: after a month without internet, they are angry at Orange’s attitude

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