Source: this new mobile plan at 10 € gives a use to your unused data

Have you ever heard of the Source plan? On the Bouygues Telecom network, this surprising new mobile plan is both generous, at a low price and supportive. Its little extra: it transforms your unused mobile data into donations for associations.

When it comes to changing mobile plans, the first instinct is to look at the price and the services included in the offer. On this point, the new telephone operator Source ticks all the boxes with a non-binding mobile plan, at the floor price of 10 euros per month and equipped with a nice data envelope of 40 GB. In addition, it relies on the 4G network of Bouygues Telecom.

If Source today presents a very good quality-price ratio, the operator goes even further and offers a new system in France. The young shoot does not leave your unused gigabytes in oblivion, but transforms them into “drops”, a unit then allowing you to make donations to associations.

Source is above all a simple and effective mobile plan

The Source brand is particularly recent since it was created at the start of 2022. This new operator offers a unique, affordable and very flexible mobile plan. Displayed at only 10 euros per month, this offer includes the essentials, namely:

  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, in the overseas departments and in European Union countries;
  • 40 GB usable in mainland France;
  • 10 GB usable from the overseas departments and the European Union (deducted from the 40 GB envelope);
  • a non-binding offer;
  • a blocked, but rechargeable package;
  • the quality of the Bouygues Telecom 4G network.
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Source: Mobile Source

The envelope of 40 GB provided for in the Source plan is relatively comfortable, since the French consume an average of 13.4 GB per month of mobile data according to ARCEP. However, if you need additional data in certain months, Source offers additional envelopes of 5 GB for 2 euros.

Source is also a responsible and supportive package

If at first glance, Source looks like a classic mobile plan, it is not. The operator has set itself the task of making users aware of reducing their data consumption, in order to limit their carbon footprint and support the associations of their choice.

To do this, this new operator provides advice in this regard via its Source mobile application, available on Android and iOS. For example, he recommends connecting to Wi-Fi as much as possible and turning off your phone (or switching it to airplane mode) at night to avoid unnecessary data consumption.

But the strength of this mobile offer lies above all in its solidarity dimension. Source proposes to convert all gigas nn consumed at the end of the month into “drops” (1 GB = 20 drops). This kitty can then be used to make donations to the associations of your choice and to support their projects. To achieve this, Source has partnered with Lilo, which works with 1,000 environmental, social and animal welfare associations. Among the best known are Sea Shepard, the SPA, Médecins du Monde and WWF France.

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The “drops” support nearly 1,000 associations referenced by Lilo. // Source: Mobile Source.

Each month, users are therefore encouraged to pay more attention to their mobile data consumption, without depriving themselves.

However, the biggest consumers of data are not left out. The Source mobile plan is rather generous and well calibrated with its 40 GB, for a very affordable price of 10 euros per month, All without commitment. In addition to its responsible and solidarity-based aspect, this offer stands out as one of the best at the moment.

A subscription in a few clicks

Changing mobile offers and subscribing to the Source package is quick and very simple. Everything happens exclusively online, directly from the official Source website or on the eponymous mobile application.

The operator begins by asking you if you want to keep your telephone number in order to take care of the line transfer and termination with the old service provider for you. You must then provide the RIO code, which can be obtained by calling 3179 from the line concerned.

After having filled in your contact details and transmitted your identity document as well as your banking information, a SIM card is sent to your home. Once it has been received, all you have to do is activate it from the Source application to start enjoying your new mobile plan at 10 euros per month and accumulate “drops”.

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Source: this new mobile plan at 10 € gives a use to your unused data

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