Sosh termination: how to terminate your box or mobile plan?

Sosh subscriber for some time, you encounter problems or you simply want to change operator? Here is our complete file with all the information necessary to cancel a mobile or internet box subscription.

How to cancel your Sosh mobile subscription?

If you want to cancel your mobile plan while keeping your phone number, the procedure is very simple thanks to the portability of the number well supervised in France. You must first select your new operator, the easiest way to do this is to consult our plan comparatorwhich will help you choose the best offer of the moment.

Then you have to know of his RIO number, the unique identification number that allows your new operator to retrieve your line number. To do this, simply dial the 3179, a free number that will tell you your RIO number as well as the remaining commitment period. This information will also be sent by SMS once the call has ended.

All that remains is to subscribe to his new subscription, indicating to the new operator his mobile telephone number and his RIO identifier. He will then take care of the portability and the termination of the old subscription, without any additional action on your part.

How to cancel your Fiber/ADSL Sosh subscription?

Subscription to a “Sosh box” offer is not subject to a commitment. However, the termination procedure is not the same as for a mobile plan. To do so, contact the operator’s Customer Service at 3976 by choosing the information on the termination of the subscription. In the case of a change of operator, you will only need to provide the RIO number to your new operator. This can be obtained by calling toll-free at 3179 via your landline (or on 0805 92 3179 if you don’t have one).

What are the termination fees for a Sosh box subscription?

The termination fees for a subscription to the Sosh box remain the same, whatever the offer: 50 euros. This price is the same as with other operators, whether your subscription is with commitment or not. Otherwise, you will not be asked for any cancellation fees, the offer being offered without obligation.

How do I return my Box after cancellation?

After confirmation of termination by the operator, you will then have 15 days to return your rental equipment. You will first need to call the 3976 to obtain a return slip that will allow you to return your Livebox free of charge.

You will then need to make a package containing, if possible, the original box with all the complete equipment and accessories. Everything must be sent to the address that appears on the Sosh/Orange return label. Your parcel must then be delivered within 15 days via La Poste or a parcel relay near you.

What are the costs to be paid in the event of non-return of his Box Sosh?

In the event that the equipment requested in return by Sosh is not returned to the operator within the requested deadlines and after potential reminders, Sosh reserves the right to apply costs for non-return of equipment. These costs may also be applied if the equipment is found in poor condition or is returned incompletely. Here are the costs for non-return of material:

  • Livebox: 100 euros
  • TV decoder: 200 euros (or retention by Sosh of the security deposit according to your contract)
  • Airbox: 49 euros
  • Fiber optic box: 100 euros
  • TV key: 49 euros
  • Flybox 4G Plus: 100 euros
  • Wi-Fi repeater: 100 euros

In the event of late return of the equipment, Sosh gives itself the right to apply fixed penalties.

How to find the last invoice after termination of his Sosh mobile plan or his Sosh box?

You can access all invoices for the last 12 months from theSosh Customer Area for 1 year, even after the termination of your line. The identifiers and the password remain unchanged if you have already connected to the Customer Area.

If even after this step, you are unable to access the last invoice, you can contact customer service by telephone at 3976 so that an advisor can send it.

Sosh Termination Letter Template

To definitively cancel a mobile plan or a Sosh subscription, without taking a new operator and therefore permanently losing your mobile or landline number, here is the procedure to follow. The operator recommends contacting support by chat or phone, but the best method is to send a letter by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt (LRAR).

At Sosh, here is the destination address of the letter:

BP 33 734
Burgundy CEDEX 9

Here is a short model letter of termination that it will be possible to send by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, once you have added the sender’s address, the destination address, the city and the date.

Subject: Request for termination of a mobile/Internet box subscription


By this letter, I kindly ask you to take into account this request for termination of my mobile phone contract / Internet box [numéro de contrat]for mobile line number [numéro de ligne]. In accordance with the general conditions of sale, thank you for taking the appropriate measures to terminate the subscription contract that binds us.

Please delete from your files any information relating to my postal and bank details. I oppose in particular any use, or provision to external organizations, of my personal details for commercial purposes (Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978).


[Nom Prénom]

If you are with another operator

If you are not subscribed to Sosh, but want to cancel your subscription with another operator, we have published guides similar to this one.

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Sosh termination: how to terminate your box or mobile plan?

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