Sorare releases its mobile application, the beginning of the marketing conquest?

If you’ve never heard of Sorare, it’s an NFT-based fantasy football game. Each year, and for each player present in the game, 1,111 cards are issued in the form of NFTs. Classified into different levels, the most common are edited 1,000 times, the rare 100 times, the super rare 10 times, and the unique ones… once.

These NFTs in the form of cards allow users to participate in around thirty championships. Managers can win new cards, but also ETH. To participate, all you have to do is compose a team of 5 players. Their performance in real matches gives them a rating, which determines the final standings.

In a few months, the French platform Sorare has convinced football lovers. While more than a million players have opened an account and participate in free competitions, the base of paying active users is growing day by day. The numbers are irrevocable. From 11,000 “paying” players in March 2021, we go to more than 123,000 in May 2022. This tour de force was achieved without advertising investment, and only thanks to word of mouth, partner clubs and sponsorship. But to continue to grow, Sorare must accentuate its communication, and the arrival of its application is a first step.

Download the Sorare app

An app to simplify the mobile experience

Sorare has been able, for more than a year, to make its platform much simpler and clearer for players. Despite everything, the use on the mobile site is not as efficient as on the web, in particular for the composition of teams during the championships. By launching its mobile application, Sorare allows managers to easily compose their teams, track results, and view past results.

Only available on iOS for its launch, it does not allow you to buy or resell players, which seems logical with Apple’s restrictions on its App Store. We’ve had it in our hands for a few days, and it saves time if you need to create your teams on the go.

The Sorare application ©

For the monitoring of GameWeek (the championships), the application offered by SorareData is much more efficient at present. It allows you to better follow your rankings, and the performance of your players.

A good base, just waiting to be improved

This V1 is successful, but we feel that Sorare keeps it underfoot. If the UX and UI are very successful, the impossibility of buying or reselling players is harmful. On the other hand, a possibility of communication between managers could make the experience much more immersive, especially on mobile. Today, managers must go through Discord to negotiate their card exchanges.

One thing is certain, by making mobile games more accessible, Sorare is attacking a much larger market. To continue his ascent, an Android version will soon be deployedand the arrival of two US sports before the end of 2022 could allow an explosion of the base of active players. Because yes, growth is Sorare’s key point. As cards are issued every day by the platform, if the increase in the number of users does not have a sufficient pace, market prices should settle.

The consequence ? A decline in profitability for those who play to invest, the decline in the value of the cards won, and therefore a decline in interest over time. But Sorare has yet to open the marketing floodgates, and the start of the 2022-2023 season may be the perfect time. The new American sports and whether or not they sign with the Premier League will be decisive for the massive arrival of new players.

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Sorare releases its mobile application, the beginning of the marketing conquest?

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