Soon the TV than on the Internet?

And he intends to go quickly: 10 years!
10 years to disappear from the screens… disappear from the airwaves…
to be distributed only on the Internet.

The general manager of the English group, Tim Davie, gave in lyricism last week by presenting his strategy… I quote it to you: “Imagine a world where the Internet is the only means of communication… where television and radio are suppressed…and where the choice would be…infinite”.

It’s nice…
So beautiful that the president of France Télés got into tune on Tuesday during her board of directors.

She also wants to make France Télés a web-only group.
And besides, she says that within two years, her goal is to reach more people thanks to the platform…than by this good old TV set.

A sacred ambition…
And sorry if I put on the party pooper costume, but I’m afraid that this project…whether it’s English or whether it’s French…meets serious obstacles.

Which Cyril?

In France, 20% of households still watch TV only via DTT. That’s one in five households.

So yes, this proportion is decreasing…
But slower than you would think.

Besides, who are these French people?
Often single people, over 50, inactive and living in a small town. People for whom TV is a real daily companion.

Imagine having their TV cut off overnight…
And let them be told: follow us on the Internet.
Complicated as business.

And then, infinity is good… but infinity is great.
And we quickly get lost in infinity.

As much as when you turn on your TV, you know where to find the BBC, France 2 or France 3… so much if you have to look for them on the Internet, it’s not the same story anymore.
Suddenly, the word global competition takes on its full meaning.

Besides, the boss of the BBC understood this equation very well…
I’ll quote it again: “Going digital is not a challenge in itself…but going digital without losing most of our audience…and without spending millions of pounds unnecessarily, that’s the challenge”.

However, we know… what a part of the public continues to like with TV and radio, these are appointments.
Knowing that she can find such and such a program at fixed times. At 7 a.m., on Inter, it’s Demorand and Salamé… at 8 p.m. on France 2, it’s Lapix or Delahousse…

At the time of replay and podcasts, this kind of habit may seem ridiculous to some… it is nonetheless still structuring for a large part of the population.

But Cyril, we still know that the uses are changing…

Yes, but it’s all a question of dosage.
Well, since we’re talking about the BBC.

In 2016, the English group decided to make its BBC 3 channel dedicated to teens a 100% digital channel.
What happened six years later? BBC 3 has backtracked.
The leaders realized that in fact the teenagers were in fact still watching TV… and that without this loss leader of the BBC 3… these teenagers had simply turned away from… the whole BBC offer.

And since it’s not just TV in life… let’s take a look at what’s happening to our media.

20% of French listeners listen to the radio on a digital medium. A smartphone, a tablet, a connected speaker or other…
This mode of listening has gained 200,000 listeners in one year.
Proof that the future is here… BUT…
Who is affected by this kind of listening?
35-49 year olds, CSP+ and Ile-de-France residents. Always the same.

It’s not about living in a cave.
The cave, you have to get out of it to access knowledge, right? Well there, the same.

The media must invest in digital resources, a lot even… but without forgetting what still gives them their strength today.
Otherwise, they risk emptying the room… without being sure to fill it again.

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Soon the TV than on the Internet?

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