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“We are going to look for the times of the films which are shown at the Gaumont cinema in Amiens”says Alison Chrétien, host of@utonum and very officially a digital helper. Immediately, the six participants in the digital mediation workshop organized at the Communal Center for Social Action (CCAS) in Camon grabbed their keyboards. But what to type exactly? Step by step, the facilitator guides them. The most seasoned already scroll frantically on the Gaumont page while others are still looking for the right words to better target their search.

“I did higher education, in my life I even accompanied people in their learning to read, but as soon as we talk about digital, I find myself in the position of a 6-year-old child”, confesses Nicole. Handicapped daily by her illiteracy, she searched for workshops like this for two years. “It’s the 4e that I am. Alison accompanies us like a CP mistress who teaches her students to read. She has a gift for that! »she enthuses.

According to a study by INSEE, at least 20% of the population use the Internet little or not at all. In the Somme some 115,000 people would be affected by these difficulties. Since its launch in the spring of 2021, the digital mediation team has led 237 hours of workshops, accompanied more than 500 people and visited 31 towns in the Somme.

The mobile service is completely autonomous and can be installed anywhere. ©Aletheia Press/ DLP

Being close to needs

“When we imagined this digital mediation project, we thought we would support people in their administrative procedures. But we realized that the first need was to go back to the basics: handling the mouse, discovering the keyboard, the function of the keys… We therefore wrote a memo to provide real support to people affected by illiteracy. », explains Nicolas Roger, deputy director of Somme Numérique. With @utonum, Somme Numérique wanted to remove all obstacles to reach the widest possible audience.

“The van allows us to have an Internet connection from anywhere and in the suitcases we have tablets and laptops. The workshops generally take place in communal rooms, perfectly identified by the inhabitants.summarizes Jérôme Deprés, e-education and digital divide reduction project manager.

Develop the service

For 1h30, Alison Chrétien accompanies, answers questions, encourages and gives confidence to the participants. “It obviously depends on the starting level, but it takes an average of ten workshops for them to feel comfortable. In the end, the biggest obstacle is the fear of making a mistake and not being able to go back », she says. While she mainly meets seniors during these interventions, she also helps younger people, between 30 and 40, who encounter difficulties, especially when they have to complete administrative procedures online.

“Dematerialization is a full development, so there are very strong digital issues. The success of the workshops shows that there is a real need for mediation, our objective is to develop this service. This notably involves a change in the fee schedule which should make us more attractive to small municipalities”emphasizes Nicolas Roger.

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Somme Numérique: 100th mobile digital mediation workshop for @utonum | Picardy the Gazette

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