Solana goes mobile and unveils Saga, a smartphone dedicated to Web3

The blockchain in your pocket – Solana is a smart contract blockchain that was created in March 2020. Since then, it has won over users with an acute attention to detail, vis-à-vis the user experience. Now, it wants to slip into the pocket of all users by launching its subsidiary Solana Mobile.

Solana Saga: the whole ecosystem in your pocket

On June 23, the CEO of Solana Labs, Anatoly Yakovenko took advantage of a conference in New York to make a totally unexpected announcement. Indeed, the latter has unveiled the launch of Solana-Mobilea subsidiary of Solana Labs, dedicated to the mobile experience.

Moreover, it was also an opportunity for him to announce the upcoming release of an Android smartphone, entitled Solana Saga.

Anatoly Yakovenko unveils Solana Mobile and the Solana Saga.

According to the information revealed, the Solana Saga is expected to hit the market in early 2023.

In terms of performance, it has a 6.67-inch OLDED screen, 12 GB of RAM, 512 GB of storage and a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. In theory, its price should be around a thousand dollars.

It is already possible to pre-order it on the Solana Mobile website. However, a “fully refundable deposit” of $100 will be required.

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Mobile built for Web3

Obviously, the Solana Saga is not just another Android phone like the others. Indeed, it will include unique features to interact with the Web3 ecosystem of Solana, as the official announcement explains.

“The unique functionalities and features tightly integrated into the Solana blockchain make it possible to conduct transactions on the web3 and manage digital assets, such as tokens and NFTs, in a simple and secure way. »

Who says Web3 phone, says integrated wallet. Thus, the Solana Saga will make it possible to create a wallet whose seed phrase will be stored in a vault “built-in hardware security device in the phone”. All secured by AES encryption, to ensure that the seed phrase cannot be extracted in the event of an attack.

Solana’s goal with this smartphone is clear: “setting a new standard for the web3 experience on mobile”.

To do this, the company unveiled the Solana Mobile Stack, a suite of tools for developers. This will allow them to create mobile applications integrated into the Solana ecosystem.

The Solana Mobile SDK is available now, allowing developers to start preparing their apps for the phone’s release.

Solana SDK.
Solana SDK.

In addition, the Solana Foundation has allocated $10 million for the creation of a Solana Mobile funds. In practice, this will aim to finance the development of mobile applications such as wallets or dapps.

Crypto phone: gadget or revolution?

Obviously, the announcement of the Solana Saga made a lot of noise. However, one question remains: will the adoption be there?

Indeed, Solana is not inventing anything with her crypto phone. In 2018, the manufacturer HTC unveiled the Exodus 1. It was the first smartphone to integrate a full Bitcoin node. He then repeated his attempt in 2019 with the Exodus 1s phone. Unsurprisingly, its success was extremely limited and the company did not renew the experience.

For his part, the giant Samsung has already tried to integrate functionalities related to cryptocurrencies such as wallets, without this having been at the origin of a revolution in the environment.

Thereby, the real revolution initiated by Solana could well be in the Solana Mobile SDK. Indeed, this suite of tools could make it possible to democratize the use of cryptos via smartphones by facilitating the development of dedicated applications.

For its part, the Solana Saga will probably be a respectable high-end smartphone, but whose interest in terms of democratization could well be minimal.

At the same time, the situation has returned to normal on the Solana blockchain, after the liquidity problems encountered by the Solend protocol. Ultimately, loans have been reduced and the protocol can finally breathe.

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Solana goes mobile and unveils Saga, a smartphone dedicated to Web3

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