Social plans, Annie Ernaux vilified on France Culture, misinformation and company: press review of the week

Media review: a weekly press review. If not exhaustive, at least indicative. On the program: from 26/11/22 to 02/12/22.

Media economics

To begin this week’s retrospective: job cuts in 2023 to AFP, and a social plan to The voice of the North

AFP: no to job cuts in 2023! », SNJ-CGT, 26/11.

Social plan at “La Voix du Nord”: we will save everything that can be saved! », inter-union press release, 29/11.

Bolloré, Drahi, Niel: appetites and annoyances.

Media: Xavier Niel keeps an eye on television », The world11/30 [article réservé aux abonnés].

The European Commission opens an in-depth investigation into the takeover of Lagardère by Vivendi », The world11/30 [article réservé aux abonnés].

Brussels fucks the brol at Bolloré », The Days, 01/12 [article réservé aux abonnés].

Altice, the parent company of SFR, RMC and BFM-TV, is tackling its mountain of debt », The world02/12 [article réservé aux abonnés].

New appeals for donations are to be reported: Basta, Radio Speakerthe Educational cafereview Terrestrialor the monthly Libertarian alternative.

Freedom to inform

Continuation of the events related last week concerning Mediapart and Reflets: the two media were in court on 11/30 (for different cases). Mediapart won the case, but Reflets must wait – the decision will be rendered on 19/01/23 (a hearing on the merits is still scheduled for 15/12).

Censorship as a response to the press? », Reflections, 11/29 [article réservé aux abonnés].

Anastasia anesthetizes us? », Fund for a free press, 29/11.

The Versailles Court of Appeal examines the preventive censorship of Reflets by Altice », Mediapart, 01/12 [article réservé aux abonnés].

Perdriau case: and in the end, it is the freedom to inform that prevails », Mediapart, 30/11 [article réservé aux abonnés].

Lifting of censorship against Médiapart: a victory for freedom of information », inter-union press release, 01/12.

Freedom to inform, again: A reporter from Reporterre […] prosecuted for doing his job: informing about a militant action “, with a trial scheduled for” May or June 2023 » ; a satirical media from Reunion relaxed “ after a year of procedure » ; and, finally, news of press freedom around the world.

Freedom of information under attack », Reporterre, 29/11.

Reunion: “Le Tangue” wins legal action against Burger King », Freeze frame, 01/12 [article réservé aux abonnés].

A call from newspapers for Julian Assange: “Publishing is not a crime” », The world11/28.

Julian Assange seizes the European Court of Human Rights to challenge his extradition to the United States », The world02/12.

In China, journalists manhandled by the police during the demonstrations », Release11/28.

Cyberattacks and espionage: Solomon, Greek media specializing in migration, muzzled », Guiti News, 11/28.

Poland: in the country of SLAPP procedures, a famous investigative journalist sentenced without having been heard », RSF, 29/11.

Even journalists known to be close to the junta are no longer safe in Burma », RSF, 28/11.

Media criticism

Disinformation and “conspiracies” first, with in particular the publication of an issue of the magazine Words. The languages ​​of politicsdedicated to conspiratorial stories “.

Circulation of discourses in conspiratorial narratives », Words. The languages ​​of politics, 130|2022. In particular: “The DailyMail, fuel of conspiracy”, Clémentine Leroy, p. 105-119.

Smoking, instructions for use », The diplomatic worldDecember 2022.

FranceSoir loses its CPPAP approval », MindMedia, 30/11 [article réservé aux abonnés].

The CPPAP (finally) removes the approval of », SNJ, 01/12.

Behind the “Fact & Furious affair”, the excesses and twisted blows of the French conspiracy sphere », Release11/28.

RMC’s Grandes Gueules definitively condemned for the interview with Professor Perronne », The Informed, 29/11 [article réservé aux abonnés].

Television criticism, then: Hanouna, reality TV, Frédéric Lopez…

Hanouna tyranny told from the inside: “Don’t name me, he scares me” », The Express11/29 [article réservé aux abonnés].

The Hanouna case, a symptom of media disruption? », Erik Neveu and Nathalie Sonnac, Humanity01/12 [article réservé aux abonnés].

Boycott “Télé Bolloré”, the dilemma of the left », Humanity11/30 [article réservé aux abonnés].

Sleeping Giants, these “sleeping giants” who want to hit Hanouna in the wallet », Release11/26 [article réservé aux abonnés].

Lyrics of “fanzouzes”: “Cyril Hanouna does too much, he becomes vulgar” », Release11/26 [article réservé aux abonnés].

Lopez, the new Sunday Drucker (but with hay) », Freeze frame, 27/11.

In reality TV, guys cheat, women wait », Freeze frame, 11/26.

TV: an old fool thing? », Counterattack, 26/11.

But also: Annie Ernaux vilified on France Culture, the media treatment of immigration, Jacques Vendroux, etc.

Annie Ernaux: an inconvenient commitment », Gisèle Sapiro, Waiting for Nadeau, 30/11.

Rose Lamy (Get Ready for a Fight): “Women Victims Are Secondary Characters in the Media Narrative” », Frustration02/12.

Jacques Vendroux, madly in love with Qatar », Freeze frame, 11/29 [article réservé aux abonnés].

Immigration: the media prefer clash to facts », Freeze frame, 11/30 [article réservé aux abonnés].

“Journalistic practices with regard to Travelers deliver a deplorable image” tackles the jurist William Acker », Guiti News, 30/11 [article réservé aux abonnés].

FTX fraud: reckless, the praise of journalists? », Freeze frame, 11/28 [article réservé aux abonnés].

E. Musk: his opinion, his work », Observatory of polls, 29/11.

Also noteworthy

And to end the retrospective of the week: geopolitics of the media, scientific journalism, PPDA and other things.

War of influence on African screens », The diplomatic worldDecember 2022 [article réservé aux abonnés].

The treatment of scientific questions », CDJM.

Will science save us from fake news? », Contretemps, 01/12.

“Télérama”: the editorial staff does not approve, for the moment, the appointment of Valérie Hurier as its head », The world01/12 [article réservé aux abonnés].

“Are you married? Faithful?” : how PPDA has made the literary world its hunting ground for 30 years », The Obs11/30 [article réservé aux abonnés].

Three ultra-right figures sentenced for the attack on Quotidien journalists », The Parisian02/12.

Media coverage of the 2022 presidential election by television and radio channels », INAthèque research notebook, 28/11.

Unique Japanese Journalism », César Castellvi, AOC, 01/12 [accès restreint].


- 05/12, in Paris: public meeting for information and defense of freedom of informationorganized by Reporterre.

- 10/12, in Paris: debate “The left and the press”organized by the Democratic and Social Left (GDS), on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the magazine Democracy & Socialism.

- 12/12, in Paris: « Freelance journalists: getting organized to gain respect », evening organized by the SNJ-CGT.

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Social plans, Annie Ernaux vilified on France Culture, misinformation and company: press review of the week

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