Social fraud: delivery people and drivers of Internet platforms, champions of “hidden work”

Posted Dec 14 2022 at 04:41 PMUpdated 14 Dec. 2022 at 06:11 PM

Internet platform workers are not funding Social Security as much as they should. In 2021, two-thirds of these microentrepreneurs did not declare all of their turnover to Urssaf, the organization which collects resources for Social Security, notes a report published this Wednesday by the Haut Conseil du financing of social protection (HCFiPS).

These experts can affirm this because under a 2018 law against fraud, platforms must communicate each year to the tax administration a document summarizing all the operations carried out by their users. These data are then transmitted to Urssaf which can verify that they correspond to its own.

Result: the rate of contributions “evaded” by microentrepreneurs who use platforms is “extremely high”, notes the HCFiPS. This is on average 43% of the contributions due.

A marked phenomenon among home delivery people

The phenomenon of concealed work is particularly marked for VTC drivers. Of the approximately 18,000 drivers who follow the Internet platforms studied, nearly 90% under-declared their income to the detriment of Social Security. And in this set, just over 25% have declared nothing at all to Urssaf.

The situation is also striking for home delivery people. Nearly three quarters (73%) of the 121,500 autoentrepreneurs studied had declared to Urssaf lower incomes than those actually communicated by the platforms, of which just under 40% declared nothing.

The Observatory of concealed work had already alerted to massive under-declarations in the field of platform workers last year. The information transmitted by the latter still leaves something to be desired and the HCFiPS remains cautious on an overall assessment of the contributions evaded.

Nevertheless, the report drawn up for 2021 “confirms the results that we had had last year with more precision and more reliability”, underlines Dominique Libault, the president of the High Council. “These findings call for our attention,” insists the latter. The HCFiPS believes that it could be interesting to ensure that the platforms systematically collect the social security contributions owed by their users.

Administrative site

The subject is in the sights of Urssaf. However, the so-called “third-party declaration” system which could be generalized is today “relatively confidential”, indicates Emmanuel Dellacherie, director at Urssaf.

“To develop it, in addition to challenges in terms of communication around the device, there is computer work to continue. In particular to manage situations in which a driver or delivery person uses several platforms.

Beyond the issue of platforms, the Observatory of hidden work is interested in all microentrepreneurs. It estimates that the share of “evaded” contributions represents between 17 and 26% of the contributions due and notes the “always very fraudogenic” nature of the microenterprise. The shortfall is estimated at between 1 and 1.5 billion in 2021. And the phenomenon of concealed work is particularly marked in the construction sector.

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Social fraud: delivery people and drivers of Internet platforms, champions of “hidden work”

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