SNCF: No internet, no ticket, mobilization to preserve the “old-fashioned” train ticket

The CGT Brive union launched a petition, signed this Friday by 7000 people, for there to be more agents in stations, and open counters for the distribution of tickets in order to fight against 100% dematerialized.

In front of the station, the red vests are busy. In their hands, the A4 sheets of a petition darken. More than 7000 people have already signed it. Its object? The CGT Brive union is asking for the reopening of counters which are closing one after the other, which is pushing users towards dematerialized purchases.

The company’s policy is to orient people towards digital. According to the union, succeeding in buying a paper ticket will soon be a matter of the priesthood. Some agents who sold them are no longer authorized to do so. In the small stations, the counters have disappeared. Even in the biggest ones, like in Brive, now you have to come at the right time.

We only issue the ticket for D-Day. When you finally find the right time and the right qualified person, you will not have access to the minimum price offered exclusively on the internet. This is discrimination against users who do not have access to the same rate for everyone.

Franck Arrivé, secretary general of the CGT of Brive.

The union also denounces a strategy of disorganization which pushes for the abolition of counters rendered useless.

“When you keep a counter but it’s open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., we can consider that the majority of the population is not necessarily available during these times. On the contrary, they should be opened earlier in the morning and in the evening,” argues Franck Arrivé.

“We adapt, but I find that it is more practical to go to the ticket office, to take your ticket and your train, rather than having to plan everything”.

“There’s a lot to do with the internet and it’s true that it’s practical, but on the other hand, people have to be able to have access to the station with an interlocutor” explain two travelers we met today at Brive station.

For its part, the SNCF assumes its desire to move towards more digital to adapt to new customer uses. According to the company, “less than 20% of tickets were purchased at the counter in 2020. The reduction in sales at the counter leads to a necessary adaptation on the part of the SNCF, in particular to guarantee economic performance” replied the company to our colleagues. of TF1 last September.

Last year, this strategy of the company had already been pinned by the defender of the rights. Claire Hédon pleaded, in her report, to limit the deletion of counters.

Through this petition, the CGT intends to show the company that not all travelers are connected and autonomous and that it is leaving some of them by the wayside. The union demands the redefinition of the opening hours of the counters both in Brive and in the small stations and the fact that all the agents can again sell tickets.

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SNCF: No internet, no ticket, mobilization to preserve the “old-fashioned” train ticket

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