Siri (iPhone, Homepod): 70+ essential voice commands

Many Apple product users overlook Siri or are unfamiliar with voice commands that could help them use their devices faster. Because the Apple voice assistant has more than one trick up its sleeve. Since iOS 16, in particular, it has been enriched with commands allowing you to perform actions that were impossible until now. And then there are the famous Shortcuts!

Note that some of these commands only work on iOS 16 / iPadOS 16 and later.

Siri: everyday commands to remember by heart

Obviously this is the magic word to wake up the assistant. When configuring your smartphone, a page asks you to repeat this shebang several times. In this way, the smartphone can then discern your voice. So if multiple people have iPhones in the room and you say “Hey Siri” or “Hey Siri,” only your iPhone’s assistant will kick in.

The command we often ask for when we don’t have an Apple Watch.

  • Which is [la météo / température / indice UV / qualité de l’air] today ?

The bottom line is that this action is by far the fastest way to get this information. So stop searching through menus and opt for a simple request to Siri! Note that in addition to the weather and the temperature you can ask him what is the air quality or the UV index in your area. Convenient !

  • FaceTime / Call [nom du contact]

It is very easy to call your loved ones by simply asking the assistant. Here again the time saving is considerable compared to the same action via the menus.

  • Send [votre message] by text/SMS to [nom du contact]

Very useful if your hands are busy and you want to warn a contact, for example, that you will be a little late.

  • Play [nom d’un morceau de musique] in [votre app de streaming préférée]
  • Play France Info on TuneIn Radio

Casting music is extremely easy with Siri…provided it understands your accent if the content has a foreign name.

  • What’s the news this morning?

Want a press review of news not to be missed? Ask Siri!

Communicate hands-free with Siri

  • Call / Facetime [nom du contact]
  • Call the emergency
  • hang up

For this command to work, you must activate the corresponding option in the Settings > Siri > Hang Up

  • Read my last SMS
  • Check / read my voicemail
  • Text “I’m coming” to [nom du contact]
  • Send “I’m coming” via WhatsApp / Messenger / Telegram to [nom du contact]
  • Find all emails from [nom du contact]
  • Find emails with subject [objet]

Control your home

  • Light up the living room
  • turn off the kitchen
  • Make the living room lights blue
  • Start the washing machine
  • Start the dishwasher
  • How long until the end of the laundry cycle?
  • Change the thermostat to 19°C

Become the master of time

  • What time is it ?
  • What time is it in Tokyo?
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes
  • Cancel the timer
  • What time is it ?
  • wake me up at 6 tomorrow
  • How soon is my next appointment
  • Add an appointment on March 20, 2023 at 10 a.m.
  • Deletes the appointment of March 20, 2023 at 10 a.m.

Call on DJ Siri

  • Play [nom du morceau] in [nom de l’application, par exemple Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer, Tidal…]
  • met [nom du morceau] in the queue
  • What are we listening to

Allows you to Shazam the song you hear (Apple bought Shazam now fully integrated into iOS).

  • Break
  • Next
  • Stop
  • Volume up/down
  • Set the volume to 60%
  • Play Radio Nova on TuneIn Radio
  • Play 100.40 FM on TuneIn Radio

No more mental calculation, Siri also does math (and finance)!

  • How much is 44.06 pounds in kilograms
  • How much is 500 miles in kilometers
  • What is the square root of 42
  • 12 + 35 + 67 + 88 – 125 all divided by 2
  • How much is 125 euros in dollars
  • How much Japanese yen for 100 euros

Control video playback

  • Open Apple TV+
  • Play the video
  • Break
  • What did he/she just say?

Works in TV+ when playing a series. If you ask this question TV+ will replay the last 15 seconds by forcing the display of subtitles.

The Best Siri Commands to Control iOS/iPadOS

  • Open [nom de l’application]
  • Restart iPhone/iPad
  • Turn off the iPhone / iPad
  • Restart iPhone/iPad
  • What are the voice commands of [nom de l’application]

Very useful for knowing new voice commands related to your applications.

  • Open Settings / Preferences
  • Open camera settings
  • Open Face ID preferences

Again, save time by asking Siri directly to show you where a particular setting is. If you are in an application and you ask Siri for the settings, the assistant can redirect you to the preferences of this application.

  • Take a screenshot
  • Take a screenshot and send it to [nom du contact]

Control Center

It is possible since iOS 16 to ask Siri to control basic system functions such as WiFi or bluetooth for you:

  • Activate airplane mode
  • Enable/disable WiFi
  • Activate / deactivate Bluetooth
  • Enable Do Not Disturb
  • Activate Focus Mode
  • Increase screen brightness
  • Activate the flashlight
  • Invert the colors
  • What is the battery percentage

Add new voice commands to Siri with Shortcuts

Siri has a small advantage over its competitors Google Assistant and Alexa: users are free to create new voice commands via the Shortcuts application (native on iPhone, iPad and the latest versions of macOS).

In fact all the shortcuts you create in Shortcuts are directly available by voice command. You can thus perform a series of complete actions, and give it a memorable name – for example “Change my wallpaper”.

When you next ask Hey Siri change my wallpaper, the actions set in the shortcut will be performed. Note that you can even use the shortcuts to change the effect of the basic commands mentioned in this guide.

Indeed, if you name a shortcut for example “What’s the weather like today”, Siri will execute your shortcut rather than the standard action. Did you like this guide? Know of any other useful Siri voice commands? Share your feedback in the comments!

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Siri (iPhone, Homepod): 70+ essential voice commands

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