She got pregnant using an artificial insemination kit bought on the Internet: “It was very easy”

Bailey Ennis is a 24-year-old Londoner who has just welcomed her first child, a baby boy named Lorenzo. “I wanted to be a mum since my teenage years and, being gay, I always knew it would have to be through artificial insemination. I had no desire to be in a relationship. I just wanted to have a baby”, she confides to SWNS. The young mother tells how she got pregnant using a kit bought on the Internet and appealing to a donor.

An artificial insemination kit bought on the Internet

When Bailey Ennis started to think seriously about her plan to become a mother, she sought a donor on a specialized online site. “I wasn’t looking for any particular physical traits, I just wanted someone trustworthy and as healthy as possible”, she recalls. She then sees the profile of a man who has already donated his sperm twice to LGBT couples, who subsequently had a child. After exchanging messages, they meet in person to make sure they agree on the procedure: “He also agreed to be my donor to have other children if I wanted. I want children who are related by blood.”

After finding her donor, the Briton goes to a specialized website and buys a kit ofartificial insemination for £25 (about 28.50 euros), containing ovulation tests, sterile cups and syringes. When she is at the right time in her cycle, she contacts the donor: “It was very easy and not weird at all. He brought his gift and then helped me use the kit.” On October 31, 2021, on her first try, Bailey Ennis became pregnant. “I was ecstatic. This is all I ever wanted in life.”

“Having a baby alone is the best thing I’ve ever done”

Bailey Ennis says she couldn’t be “Happier” for making this decision. Her pregnancy is going well, as is the delivery. “I had contractions for a few days when I went to the maternity ward. Then it arrived quite quickly. I did it all alone”, remembers the young mother. Little Lorenzo was born on July 2, 2022: “He was gorgeous as soon as I saw him. He has my nose, he has big eyes like mine and my brown hair.”

The happy mother does not regret her choice at all “Having a baby on my own is the best thing I’ve ever done. Being a mom is awesome and I’m so happy that I decided to go it alone. […] I’ll let the donor know. Lorenzo will know about the donor and can see him if he wants, at some point in his life. He’s definitely going to have siblings when I’m ready. I’m so comfortable and happy to be a single mom“.

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She got pregnant using an artificial insemination kit bought on the Internet: “It was very easy”

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