SFR: what telecom budget for families?

When you are a couple with several children or teenagers, the packages accumulate and this can quickly weigh down the family budget. Fortunately, SFR has created a FAMiLY offer! allowing you to combine a box and mobile plans, all at very attractive rates. How to benefit fromexcellent SFR network with the SFR FAMiLY pack! ? What are the advantages of the offer and what savings can we expect? We analyze all this for you.

Maximum savings the first year with the SFR FAMiLY pack!

SFR FAMiLY! allows to’combine a box and SFR mobile lines in a single pack in order to benefit from very advantageous rates, for example:

  • A main mobile plan at a preferential rate for 12 months and without commitment
  • Up to 3 packages 2 hours 100 MB free for 12 months then €5/month/package (this also works with 5 GB 4G+ packages at €9/month for 12 months then €12/month)
  • A discount of up to €15/month for the duration of the subscription

The SFR FAMiLY pack! also allows you to quickly and easily share up to 100 GB from the main mobile plan to other family plans. Dedicated parental control applications are also offered although they cost €5/month without the pack: SFR FAMiLY Coach for parents, SFR FAMiLY Teens for children and SFR FAMiLY Kids to activate children’s mode on the phones of the youngest. .

Thus, SFR FAMiLY! allows you to make great savings the first year and up to €60/month the second year depending on the offers chosen!

Subscribe to the SFR FAMiLY pack! : how much does it cost ?

We will take the example of a family of 2 adults and 2 children (college or high school) having subscribed to a Starter fiber box at €18/month for 12 months then €38/month with a 12 month contract. The offer includes:

  • Fiber with a speed of up to 500 Mb/s for downloading and sending
  • A 4K HDR compatible TV box
  • 160 TV channels
  • Unlimited calls to landlines in France

The family will thus be able to benefit from a mobile plan at a preferential rate, for example the 140 GB 5G package at €21/month for 12 months then €33/month, All without commitment. With such a generous data envelope, the whole family will be able to enjoy it!

The purchase of the pack allows, in addition to the preferential rate on the package, to benefit from a FAMiLY advantage either 6 € discount per month over the entire duration of the subscription. It is then possible to choose a 5 GB 4G+ package at €9/month for 12 months and two 2-hour 100 MB packages at €0/month for 12 months. There is no need to take more data since it is possible to share the gigabytes of the main package.

In summary, the first year, a family of 4 can benefit from a fiber offera 140 GB 5G plan, a 5 GB 4G plan and two small mobile plans, all with parental controls for 42 €/month ! The second year, the offer is still interesting. She goes to 87 €/month (€65 for the box and the 140 GB package, €12/month for the 5 GB package and €5/month/2-hour 100 MB package) while it would take €121/month for a similar pack without the FAMiLY offer. And to top it off, the SFR FAMiLY pack! provides access to attractive rates for the purchase of new smartphones on the SFR store and benefit from payment in 4 or 24 instalments free of charge.

The terms and conditions for benefiting from the SFR FAMiLY!

SFR customers will be able to go directly to their customer area, under “My offer and my phone”, then click on “Services” and “Create your Multi-packs group”. New SFR customers will have to order a pack with an internet offer and a mobile plan then follow the procedure mentioned above.

To share gigabytes occasionally or on a recurring basis, simply go to the SFR customer area (section SFR FAMiLY!) or directly to the SFR & Me application (section FAMiLY!). Whichever interface is chosen, it is possible to precisely monitor consumption on all household lines and also to add options such as barring premium rate calls.

As you will have understood, the operator SFR does not do things by halves: between its top-notch services and its attractive rates, families have every interest in reassess their mobile plans and box!

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SFR: what telecom budget for families?

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