SFR now offers a 5G mobile plan for less than 20 euros

Accustomed to mobile plans with commitment, SFR does not forget the offers without commitment. The operator is also launching a subscription at 18 euros per month with 140 GB of data… In 5G. And yes, you no longer need to spend a fortune to take advantage of this new generation of mobile network.

If low-cost 4G mobile offers abound, affordable 5G plans are rarer. That said, it is still possible to take advantage of accessible AND non-binding services without having to wait for full 5G coverage in France. And it is on the side of SFR that you have to look.

The operator has thus lowered the price of its 140 GB 5G package to less than 20 euros since it is offered for only 18 euros per month without engagement.

What does SFR’s 140 GB package offer?

The least we can say is that SFR does not skimp on the amount of data provided each month. An envelope of 140 GB is thus allocated. It not only allows you to watch more than 200 hours of streaming content, but also to share your connection in the event of a breakdown of the Internet box.


Better still, thanks to 5G, which offers a speed up to 10 times higher than that of 4G for a latency time up to 10 times lower, playing online from your smartphone is particularly pleasant because there is almost no never lag. Above all, SFR remains the 1st ex-aequo on the quality of its 5G network. The assurance of having the best possible throughput.

Of course, SFR’s 140 GB plan does not only provide mobile data. Among the services offered are unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from France, the overseas departments and the European Union. This plan is particularly generous with regard to the roaming data envelope: it allows you to take advantage of 100 GB of data in Europe, Switzerland, the overseas departments and Andorra. Plenty of things to do for the holidays.

How much does SFR’s 140 GB 5G plan cost?

The biggest strength of this 140GB plan is its price. Indeed, it is one of the rare 5G offers not to exceed 20 euros. And yes, the subscription to the 140 GB 5G package from SFR is priced at 18 euros per month the first year, then 33 euros per month past 12 months. A good plan when you know that most 5G packages (with commitment) display prices flirting with 40 or 50 euros per month.

A price that it is also possible to reduce if you are already an Internet customer at SFR. In this case, the price of the package increases to 12 euros per month, then 27 euros after one year.

Above all, this 140 GB 5G subscription stands out for the fact that it is a non-binding mobile plan. There is no constraint as to the duration of the subscription.

How to subscribe to this plan?

To subscribe to SFR’s 140 GB package, the easiest way is still to go through its online store. The operator helps in all the steps, since it is responsible for terminating the old offer and activating the new line. An operation carried out without any interruption of mobile services. It is possible to keep his old number, by providing his RIO code, obtained by dialing 31 79 from his current line.

At the time of subscription, a first and only payment of 11 euros will be requested to cover the cost and activation of the new SIM card. The delivery of this one does not exceed one week.

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SFR now offers a 5G mobile plan for less than 20 euros

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