SFR Mobile termination letter: template and costs

How to cancel an SFR mobile subscription?

Regarding the SFR Mobile termination, you must first identify the reason why you no longer wish to benefit from the offer. If you want change operatoryou can have the portability of your telephone number. This means that you have nothing to do. Your new service provider takes care of the related formalities.

In the event that you are preparing to go abroad or do not wish to keep your telephone details, you must write a termination letter of your SFR mobile subscription. This also applies if you are still within the commitment period provided for in the subscription contract. This formality is then essential for stop automatic debits on the desired date.

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To which address should you send your SFR Mobile termination letter?

It is necessary tocall SFR customer service to 1023. You must then communicate your request and the adviser will give you the address to which you can send your SFR Mobile cancellation letter. As with other similar formalities, you must complete a sending by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

This ensures that the recipient has received your mail. In the event of a delivery problem or of non-support of your request, the acknowledgment of receipt represents a valid proof. You have the traceability of your approach and are able to certify your good faith to terminate an offer SFR-Mobile.


SFR Box termination letter: deadline and model letter

When to cancel your SFR mobile subscription?

It is possible to terminate your SFR mobile contract on the date of your choice. Without commitment on your part, there are no cancellation fees to be expected. If you still find yourself with an unfinalized commitment, you must pay early termination fee. You can have them estimated thanks to this address. This service is free and accessible with your personal identifiers.

The minimum support period for terminating an SFR Mobile offer isten days from receipt of your request. Depending on the services subscribed and your situation, this estimate may be higher. If you wish to change your mind to continue to benefit from the operator’s services, you therefore have 10 days to cancel your request. Confirmation of your termination is also done by mail.

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SFR Termination Letter Template

To help you write your SFR Mobile termination letter, here is a standard template. You can customize it according to the specifics of your contract and your request. Then all you have to do is send it to the address indicated by the SFR termination service.

Free SFR mobile subscription termination letter template Capital

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SFR Mobile termination letter: template and costs

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