SFR Home: control your home even remotely with the connected pack

Create a subdued atmosphere without having to move from your sofa, program the activation of a household appliance remotely, turn off the tree even once you leave your home… So many things that can be done in a connected home! We invite you to discover in particular the usefulness of a bulb, a socket and a connected camera, three very useful everyday objects to be found in one of the most interesting packs at SFR…

Welcome to the future! You will not have escaped it: certain technologies fantasized in science fiction films are beautiful and have become a reality, from voice control to vehicles that drive (almost) by themselves. And in the context of the home, there are many innovations that simplify our lives through the famous connected objects. While it is now enough to speak to our box to ask it to lower the sound of the TV or to change the channel, we no longer even need to get up to turn the light on or off, we can also open or close all the shutters at once, or program the heating remotely, all from a precious tool: our smartphone.

Of course, if you are not properly equipped, no matter how hard you try, all these little miracles will not come true. Having a connected home makes you dream, but you don’t know where to start? So we invite you to discover the connected pack at SFR, which includes three small objects that will revolutionize your daily life…

A connected bulb

Have you always been fascinated by those people in movies who clap their hands to turn the lights on or off in their homes? Well today connected bulbs offer better than that, firstly because they can simply be controlled from a smartphone, without even having to be in the room, and because they also adapt to our desires… The connected bulb offered in this SFR pack allows you to adjust the light intensity, and even to record different atmospheres, for example for cinema sessions or romantic dinners at home.

A connected socket

Undoubtedly the most practical connected object, since it allows you to control (always remotely) any device connected to it. Imagine, for example, during this time of Christmas and the energy crisis, you realize that you forgot to turn off the tree when you went to bed or when you left your house… Don’t panic! As you will have plugged it into the connected socket, all you need is a click on your smartphone to do so. You can also program the activation of a device plugged into such a connected socket during specific time slots. Bonus: it comes with an integrated energy meter, to allow you to follow your consumption and thus help you both to adopt the right gestures and to save money on your electricity bill.

A Wi-Fi camera

The connected object to have peace of mind. With this wifi camera, you can go on weekends or on vacation and still keep an eye on your home. Knowing that it does more than just film live inside your home, including night vision, but also a built-in mic and speaker, just in case you want interact with your pet in your absence, or at worst frighten an intruder… Moreover, in this regard, by subscribing to the Alerts option at SFR (2€/month, without obligation), you will receive a notification as soon as the wifi camera detects an intrusion or any other abnormal movement in your home.

The SFR Home app to take control of your connected home

Best of all? These connected devices may demonstrate technological prowess, but they are particularly easy to handle! Whether in their installation, where you just have to plug them in so that they are connected to the wifi of your SFR box and let yourself be guided by step-by-step instructions, or in their daily use. For good reason, whether it is the bulb, the socket or the camera, these three connected objects (among others) are controlled via SFR Home. A dedicated application, with the most intuitive interface, to allow you to control everything in your connected home in just a few clicks!

So, convinced? Ready to take the plunge? Discover the connected pack at SFR, therefore bringing together a connected bulb, a connected socket and a wifi camera at a very affordable price: 69 euros all together!

More information on the online store page dedicated to SFR Home.

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SFR Home: control your home even remotely with the connected pack

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