SFR fiber: 7,343 new municipalities connected to fiber in 2022

In terms of fiber optic deployment, SFR is a little ahead of Bouygues Telecom and Free, but also slightly behind Orange. In France, as of September 30, 2022, 90% of homes connected to fiber are eligible for SFR fiber, compared to 96% for Orange. And, it is not the last quarter of 2022 that will have allowed SFR to come back to its competitor. In fact, to date, SFR fiber is present in 19,782 municipalities, compared to 22,016 for Orange. Nevertheless, the SFR fiberlike that of other operators, grew at breakneck speed in 2022.

7343 new municipalities connected to the SFR fiber in 2022…

From year to year, SFR’s fiber progresses at breakneck speed. Indeed, after a 73% increase in 2021, SFR fiber still has 60% in 2022. Indeed, to date, the operator has connected 7,343 new municipalities to fiber. Result: at dusk of 2022, there are no less than 19,782 municipalities connected to the SFR fiber network.

It is in the RIP areas, where (only) 63% of premises are connected, that SFR fiber has gained the most ground. In fact, out of 7,343 new municipalities connected to SFR fiber, 7,057 are in less dense public initiative areas, where fiber is deployed with the support of local authorities. In addition, SFR connected 282 new municipalities in AMII zones (88% fiber coverage rate), where SFR deploys fiber jointly with Orange, before the other operators come to connect to the network.

Finally, in 2022, in the 106 municipalities in very dense areas (90% fiber coverage rate), where each operator deploys its own fiber network, SFR fiber has arrived in four new municipalities. In fact, the inhabitants of Noisy le Grand (93), Cergy (95), Le Chesnay-Rocquencourt (78) and Villiers-le-Bel (95) are now eligible for SFR fiber.

… And 7293 communes connected to SFR’s XGS-PON fiber

Since February 2022, SFR has offered an Internet offer, the premium-boxwhich allows to have speed up to 8 Gb/s, thanks to XGS-PON fiber. Only, to be eligible, SFR must change equipment or install compatible equipment in the NRO (optical connection node). It is the equivalent of the telephone exchange for ADSL, namely the first link in the chain of a local fiber optic network. However, SFR is in the process of updating them one after the other.

This is why, month after month, since 2022, new municipalities have been eligible for fiber up to 8 Gb/s from SFR. And, at the end of 2022, 7,293 municipalities were connected to the XGS-PON fibre, i.e. 37% of the municipalities eligible for SFR fiber.

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SFR fiber: 7,343 new municipalities connected to fiber in 2022

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