SFR continues to offer its fiber offer at the fixed price of €20/month for 2 years

The new limited series on the Fiber/ADSL box side from SFR has everything to hit: 20 euros per month for 2 years, all combining Internet, TV and telephony.

Seeing the growing competition on the side of the offers of Fiber and ADSL Internet boxSFR did not intend to be left behind and comes to offer a new limited series concerning its SFR Box 7 for only 20 euros per month spread over two years with a one-year commitment. This offer therefore becomes the most economical over time.

What to remember about the SFR Fiber offer

  • Low price for 2 years!
  • Up to 500 Mbit/s download and upload
  • Unlimited calls to landlines in France
  • 160 TV channels and services

Until June 12, 2022

the SFR fiber limited series is available at 20 euros per month for 24 months, then goes to 38 euros monthly. This one-year commitment offer is only available to new customers.

If you are not eligible for optical fiber in your home, be aware that the ADSL subscription is at the same price and under the same conditions, ie 20 euros per month for two years, then 33 euros per month thereafter.

Fiber with the best speed-price ratio on the market

Despite the presence of RED and its fiber offers at often very low prices, it is indeed at SFR that we find the most interesting fiber subscription. By choosing this subscription, you will benefit from a fiber line of up to 500 Mbit/s of symmetrical speed (downloading and sending). For 20 euros per month spread over 2 years, it is quite simply the most economical offer at the moment.

The router supplied (SFR Box Plus) with this offer is Wi-Fi 5 compatible to connect all compatible devices in your home. In addition to the Internet, this offer includes a telephone line for unlimited calls to landlines in mainland France, but also to the overseas departments and more than 100 international destinations.

TV: the big plus of SFR

The plus of SFR is the contribution of the TV. The operator offers 160 TV channels in its subscription at no additional cost and with a dedicated and included TV box. With fiber speed, you will therefore enjoy a majority of channels in HD quality and even in 4K for some of them. The latter also offers the ability to record up to 8 hours of programs thanks to its integrated hard drive. We also have the right to a voice remote control, an SD card reader and it is possible to connect it via Wi-Fi to the router instead of going through a cable.

Finally, it is necessary to specify that the connection to the Fiber with the arrival of a technician at home includes 49 euros in commissioning costs. It is of course possible to keep your old landline number by requesting it when ordering.

Similar box packages of the moment

What are the best fiber and ADSL offers?

In order to discover the other offers available on the market, we invite you to consult our comparator of the best ADSL and Fiber offers of the moment!


Bbox must Fibre

5 jours

Débit jusqu’à 1 Gb/s

180 chaînes de TV incluses

Téléphonie vers 110 destinations

Fibre, Câble

RED box Fibre

2 semaines

Débit jusqu’à 1 Gb/s

Sans Player TV

Téléphonie vers 100 destinations

Fiber, Cable

SFR Fiber Box 7,500 Mb/s

2 months

Flow rate up to 500 Mbps

160 TV channels included

Telephony to 100 destinations

All internet boxes

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SFR continues to offer its fiber offer at the fixed price of €20/month for 2 years

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