SFR Box 8X: enjoy the power of Wi-Fi 6 throughout the house

Surfing the Web, playing online video games, watching films and series on streaming platforms, working on shared files in the Cloud, talking with colleagues or loved ones by video… As many tasks as you can accomplish, simultaneously if you want, with the SFR Box 8X. Quite simply the most powerful on the market when it combines the performance of Wi-Fi 6 with ultra-fast fiber speed.

It’s been almost 3 years now that we have moved up a gear on the wireless network. In 2019, Wi-Fi 6 landed in France, inaugurated moreover on the brand new SFR Box 8 at the time. Today, the latest wifi standard is still all the rage in homes, offering a connection three times better than the previous generation. But at SFR, far from resting on its achievements, we seek to push innovation ever further, to offer an ever smoother and ever faster experience. Hence the release of the SFR Box 8X last February. Like a 2.0 version of its predecessor, it combines the innovative technologies of Wi-Fi 6 with a fiber speed that can push up to 1 Gb/s in transmission and 8 Gb/s in reception. Simply enough to make it the most powerful box on the market!

If you are eligible for fiber optic*, you will be able to take full advantage of the capabilities of Wi-Fi 6 on the SFR Box 8X. That is to say, no longer having to worry about the connection depending on the room you are in, or if several members of your household are using the wireless network at the same time as you. The latest wifi standard is indeed powerful enough to support simultaneous connections, even when it comes to advanced uses such as video conferencing or online gaming.

The Smart Wi-Fi repeater to further expand Wi-Fi 6 coverage

Your little one may be watching the paw patrol on Netflix, your teenager playing on his mobile, and your spouse in the middle of a video conversation, whatever, you can browse the Web yourself in complete peace of mind! And what you prefer to stay in the living room or take refuge in your bedroom, the kitchen or even the WC… You will still capture just as well, Wi-Fi 6 being a real conjurer, quite capable of going through walls!

So good, within reason of course. If you live in a very large home, with several floors in particular, you may need to boost it a little… But that’s good, that’s precisely what Smart Wi-Fi repeaters are for! Specially designed to extend the coverage of Wi-Fi 6, they are offered as an option at only 3 euros per month per unit at SFR. A non-binding offer.

What reassure you? So don’t wait any longer to take advantage of all the power of Wi-Fi 6 on the SFR Box 8x!

* To test your eligibility for optical fiber and find out more about the most powerful box on the market, go to the SFR online store.

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SFR Box 8X: enjoy the power of Wi-Fi 6 throughout the house

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