Saturday night: Internet Super Bingo

Free, delirious, stuffed with jackpots, and for a good cause: the incredible Philippe Maurice is waiting for you to hit the mark in the party room of the Internet.

We can divide the world into two categories. On the one hand, there are those who have already crossed paths with Philip Maurice. On the other, there are those who don’t know what they’re missing. The former will not even bother to read the rest of this article: immediately after learning of the return of the Great Internet Bingowe know that they rushed to register, and canceled everything they had planned for Saturday night. Others ? They are damn lucky guys. Because their life is about to change. In good !

At Winamax, we can affirm it bluntly: ours is not quite the same since we met this crazy character that is Philippe Maurice, always flanked by his two henchmen, the noisy but adorable Abdallah, and the enigmatic Captain, whose voice we have never heard before but whose presence is essential to the proper functioning of their dynamited version of the good old village lotto. A year ago, the band squatted on Winamax TV for an evening that has gone down in history, absurd as we like it, stuffed with punchlines and running gags. We had so much fun that we invited them to the WPO Madrid to put the cover back on stage, then to the Grande Halle de la Villette, for the launch of the Winamax Poker Tour. Both times, the walls had to be pushed to accommodate all those thirsty for quine. Saturday evening, no problem of place to fear: it is again on the Internet that Super Bingo will be played. Like what, we can love a centuries-old game while embracing modernity!

How do we play ?

Super Internet Bingo Kloudbox

It’s super easy! And it’s completely free. Meeting on this page to register for Super Internet Bingo. Then, meet on Saturday December 17 at 8:30 p.m. You will open on one side of your internet browser the game websiteand on the other the Winamax TV : Philippe Maurice and his team will be waiting for you there.

Three grids will be distributed to you, each representing as many chances of winning. From your smartphone, tablet or computer, you will tick your numbers as you go. Afterwards, there is only hope to chat. (Sorry for the fine poker players that you are: Saturday evening, your skills will be of no use to you.) In the event of a winning line, even a double line or downright quine (the complete grid), you will just have to click on the button provided for this purpose.

Our advice: for more convenience, launch Winamax TV on your television, projector or computer, and open your grids on another device, such as your phone or tablet. Another tip: round up your friends! Even if, thanks to the Winamax TV chat and the talents of host of Philippe Maurice, you will have no trouble having fun solo (that was my case last year), the Super Bingo of the Internet will obviously be even funnier if it is played with several people.

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What do we win ?

Super Internet Bingo KloudboxInternet Super Bingo is free, but its rewards are far from symbolic. A batch list has been put online… but you will find that the Kloudbox collective (our friends and organizers of the event) has remained vague. It is wanted: the people of Bordeaux want to keep as many surprises as possible. But those who took part in the 2021 edition will tell you: Philippe Maurice and his friends may be great trolls, their gift basket is full of very nice gifts, thanks to their many partners, including the New Aquitaine Region. I remember in particular a wonderful trip, and a truly gargantuan packed basket. This year, a trip will again be in play, and we’re also promised an “electrified bike” (well, for this one I suspect a troll). The Super Bingo totem, the famous deer head, will also be back. Winamax will not be outdone, with a super jackpot including an invitation to one of our live events. We won’t tell you more!

It’s for a good cause

People ReliefWe repeat it one last time: Internet Super Bingo is free. So, in the middle of an evening that you are guaranteed to be exceptional, why not take the opportunity to do a good deed? the People Relief is the charity partner of this edition: during the show, “donation breaks” will be arranged, allowing you to make a gesture in a few clicks. A useful reminder: all your donations are tax-exempt up to 66%. If you opt for a donation of, for example, 30 balls, it will actually only cost you 10!

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While waiting for Saturday evening, get to know Philippe Maurice, who passed yesterday on the couch of PonceP for a completely relaxed edition of Culture Pok (you will understand this ref by watching the show!)

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Saturday night: Internet Super Bingo

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