Sales receipt, mobile plan, insurance… What will change for consumers in 2023

From 1 January, a series of new features come into force and will have an impact on consumer habits and rights. Here is what awaits you.

The end of the systematic printing of the receipt

It is a major reform that was expected from 1 January: at the end of systematic printing of receipts. It will finally come into effect on April 1. A postponement justified in particular by inflation. Feedback from distributors and consumer associations indicating that the receipt remains for many French people an important element in checking the prices of products purchased, in the face of inflation, explains a government source.

The perverse effects of the end of the receipt

Simplified termination of subscriptions and insurance

A cancel button clearly visible on any website or mobile application marketing an insurance contract or a subscription will be put in place from June 1st. An idea defended by MoneyVox during the last presidential campaign.

This provision will have an impact on competition, allowing, in an inflationary context, consumers to easily terminate their contract for choose a more advantageous contract, especially in terms of price, explains the government the origin of the purchasing power law adopts this t. This measure concerns insurance contracts, mutual funds, but also those of everyday life such as magazine subscriptions, gas, electricity, music (Deezer, Spotify…), TV (Netflix, Canal +… .) telephone or Internet.

In concrete terms, once the consumer gives notice of his wish to terminate the contract, he must receive, by email or post, not only a confirmation of his decision but also the date on which his engagement ends as well as the possible consequences of this decision. A decree will have to detail the technical modalities of this termination button.

This purchasing power law also looks at the termination of a telephone or internet subscription with a commitment period of two years. Now, once the first year of commitment is over, 25% termination fee allow the second year are deleted. This new feature does not apply to offers that allow you to buy a smartphone. For these, early termination from the end of the 12th month of commitment may be subject to payment of at most 20% of remaining fees in the second year, compared to 25% so far.

In addition, people found to be in a situation of over-indebtedness will be exempted from paying compensation if they cancel an internet or telephone subscription, regardless of the duration of their commitment.

But that’s not all. The termination of audiovisual and video on demand (VOD) service subscriptions, with tacit renewal, is also facilitated. The consumer may terminate his subscription free of charge when he moves or his tax household changes at any time from the first renewal.

End of numbers in 06 and 07… Very supervised canvassing

The arsenal is being reinforced to limit telephone canvassing. As of January 1, it will be prohibited for commercial canvassing platforms to call or send text messages to individuals using numbers beginning with 06 or 07. They can use numbers starting with 09.

And from March 1, telephone canvassing of consumers will be authorized only Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.. It will, however, be prohibited on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Similarly, the same professional will be prohibited from canvassing the same individual more than four times during a period of thirty days.

A new right to protect you from insurance

Affinity insurance, in particular that covering smartphones, is in the sights of several bodies, including the insurance ombudsman. From 1 January, individuals who have taken out this type of insurance will have 30 days to terminate it for free, compared to 14 days currently. And in case of waiver, the insurer must refund the premium paid within 30 days. This information must also be specified, not orally at the time of purchase, but by post, email or message on a customer account.

Nobanques: the cheapest offers to control your budget

The text adopted this summer by parliamentarians as part of the purchasing power law provides another major clarification: this 30-day period only starts from the payment of the said insurance premium. A subtlety that undermines one of the techniques used by players in the sector, which aims to offer one month free insurance without specifying to the consumer that after 14 days, his commitment lasts 12 months.

An additional defense against financial scams

From June 1, professionals registered with Orias, the single register of insurance, banking and finance intermediaries, will be required to provide a contact method to complete the information intended for the public, who can access it freely.

Thanks to this register, a consumer can verify that an insurance intermediary is properly registered and that he meets the requirements required by the regulations for the exercise of his activity. He will now have to provide an email address, a telephone number and the address of his website if he has one. This new provision aims to strengthen the fight against financial scams involving theft of their identity.

The amplified repair bonus

A repair bonus was introduced in mid-December for 31 different products. Its objective is to encourage consumers to have their electrical and electronic equipment repaired, in the event of a breakdown, rather than buying a new device with the key at a discount up to 45 euros.

In 2023, this repair bonus will gradually be extended to other everyday products: sports items, DIY and garden items, textile clothing and shoes, and finally furniture.

To take advantage of this bonus, individuals can go to one of 500 approved repairers, labeled QualiRpar. The government’s objective is to label 10,000 labeled stores within a few years.

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Sales receipt, mobile plan, insurance… What will change for consumers in 2023

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