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According to the definition of the Journal du net, an internet meme is an image disseminated on the web through social networks, consisting of an explicit photo and a humorous or ironic text, written, most often, in a large, white font. The only goal is to make people laugh.

The Sarthe is not immune to the viral phenomenon. A few months ago, a 27-year-old man from Sarth launched Facebook page and Instagram account Sarthois memes, between self-mockery and a superiority complex over neighbors.

“Since I was very young, I love to joke and joke” explains the creator who prefers to remain anonymous. He describes himself as a “great lover of my department and my city. I discovered memes since my adolescence but it’s only tardily that I finally got started. I gradually had ideas for jokes about Sarthe that came to me and by digging around a bit, I realized that apart from a group dedicated to jokes about Le Mans (neurchi from Le Mans on Facebook), there was not much. So I took the initiative to create this account.

Inspiration comes to him “spontaneously. I just have to come across a funny image that I could associate with a particular situation, current events in Sarthe or puns. The most complicated exercise being to stand out from the jokes about the 24 Hours or the rillettes, but I have to come back to it regularly. For the future, I would like to talk even more about culture and historical anecdotes about Le Mans and the Sarthe, we have a certain wealth to exploit! »

Small anthology of ten memes that made us smile…

Sarthe pride

We cannot talk about the Sarthe without mentioning what makes its reputation on the international scene: the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

+ Skills from Sarthe. The four nominated in the “Sartlois du web” category [Vote]

The moon of Pontlieu

Ah! The famous roundabout of the moon in Pontlieue… with its four traffic lanes, its priorities in all directions, its traffic lights, its tram lines… A formality for seasoned Manceaux residents but a real headache for those who don’t. – initiates.

Passion for rillettes

I say Le Mans, you say… rillettes! The gastronomic specialty of Le Mans and the legendary love of the people of Sarthe for this dish are obviously represented in the memes.


Favorite subject of meme creators in Sarthe: the old rivalry with Mayenne neighbors.


Another neighbor of the Sarthe, the Orne also takes for its rank with this recovery of a scene from the lion king.

The famous Nantes rillettes

Maine Libre articles sometimes spawn meme ideas. This is the case recently with our article on ChatGPT for whom the best rillettes come from Nantes and not Le Mans…

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Rillettes, Mayenne, 24 Hours of Le Mans… The ten funniest Sarthe internet memes | Free Maine

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