Rihanna reveals her son’s face on TikTok and breaks the Internet!

Without warning, Rihanna has finally unveiled the head of her son. To do this, she used her TikTok account and the video is adorable!

Rihanna never does anything like anyone else. Indeed, last Saturday, she surprised everyone by unveiling an adorable video of her son on TikTok. MCE tells you everything from A to Z!

A real mother hen

Since May 13, 2022, Rihanna and her fiancé A$AP Rocky are the happy parents of a little boy. Eh yes, the couple is not yet married but it will not be longbecause the rapper would have proposed in marriage to the star, in his DMB music video.

In the meantime, the parents take the opportunity to see their son grow up. Between two concerts, trips to the studio to prepare for his Superbowl in 2023, Rihanna pampers and lets it know. Indeed, during the preview of her latest Savage x Fenty fashion show, the singer confided in her baby.

Thus, she explains that she has been swimming in happiness since her pregnancy and even more since her delivery. “You get to know him, and he gets to know you and the world. It’s an amazing experience, honestly. But what impresses me the most is when he looks me in the eye. All of my soul is just… Can’t tell if it’s hot or cold, it’s amazing“.

A few days after the birth of her son, the singer was very protective of her son. Yes, according to a Hollywood Life source: Rihanna makes sure everyone washes their hands, wears masks, doesn’t get too close to the baby’s face, etc. »

For the moment, his first name is unknown. But if, the parents follow the same tradition as in Rihanna’s familyher son could have a first name starting with an R.

For the simple and good reason that the singer’s father is called Ronald Fenty. And A$AP Rocky’s real name is Rakim.

In any case, Rihanna took care not to reveal the name of her son in this TikTok video. MCE tells you more!

@Rihannahacked♬ original sound – Rihanna

Rihanna ultra gaga of her son on TikTok

In July 2022, we wondered why Rihanna did not reveal not his son to the public. Well it’s done, since this Saturday, December 17. Indeed, without warning, the singer posted a video of her baby on TikTok.

The star therefore took his phone to broadcast a short video where his son installed in his car seat laughs out loud. The opportunity to discover his adorable little face.

This TikTok video has over 16 million likes and over 69,000 comments. In short, Rihanna and her son caused a stir this weekend, but it was all unplanned.

Indeed, according to Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked, the singer took the lead because paparazzi managed to get ‘unauthorized photos’ of her son during a photo shoot on the beach. He even explained on Twitter: “She wanted BLACK MEDIA to be the one to do it because she wasn’t going to have a choice. »

Moreover, what Rihanna feared did not miss since these famous photos of the beach were relayed on TMZ. On the pictures appear A$AP Rocky with his son in his arms. Once again the baby has a smile on his face.

It is therefore not for nothing that Rihanna captioned her TikTok video the word hacked. A way for her to regain control over her son’s image.

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Rihanna reveals her son’s face on TikTok and breaks the Internet!

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