Rent control: Paris now allows tenants to report overruns on the Internet

Pushing tenants to reports and sanctioning owners who do not rectify the situation: the City of Paris intends to make good use of the delegation obtained from the State to enforce rent control in force in the capital. With this new weapon against rent inflation in the capital, which came into effect on 1 January, the Paris city hall wants to “limit abuse as much as possible and eventually achieve a fully respected rent control”, summarized housing assistant Ian Brossat on Thursday January 5 during a press conference.

The first city to have applied rent control in mid-2019, since joined by several municipalities or agglomeration communities known as tense areas (Lille, Plaine Commune, Lyon-Villeurbanne, Est Ensemble, Montpellier, Bordeaux), Paris is “doubly pioneer” since it is “the first city to benefit from this transfer of skills”, welcomed the elected communist. If since 2019 this supervision has made it possible, according to Mr. Brossat, to “generally stabilize Parisian rents after years of exponential increase”, the reports (120) collected and the fines (ten) imposed by the State were insufficient for the town hall.


Rent control: “We are going to enforce the law in Paris”, announces Ian Brossat

According to the Rent Observatory of the Paris conurbation (Olap), quoted by the town hall, around a third of the new leases signed in the capital in 2021 exceeded the ceiling rents, the result of several criteria (empty or furnished, date of construction, number of rooms and district). This does not necessarily mean that the donors are outlawed, overruns can be justified by the exceptional characteristics of the accommodation. The overruns amount to an average of 161 euros and mainly concern “small areas, studios, maids’ rooms, with 8 abusive ads out of 10”, detailed Ian Brossat.

Encourage reporting

With the city’s new online platform, he wants to obtain “maximum reports” so that “maximum landlords comply with rent controls”. Concretely, the tenants can first check there if their lease respects the framework, then report, if necessary, the overrun which will have to be confirmed by the town hall.


In Paris, rents further exceeded the authorized ceilings in 2021

The latter will then give formal notice to the owner to update the lease and return the overpayments, within three months. Without compliance, the town hall may impose a fine of up to 5,000 euros for a natural person and 15,000 for a legal person. “The mere fact that the tenant seizes us will have dissuasive effects vis-à-vis the majority of owners”, wants to believe Ian Brossat who already lists more than a dozen reports, out of nearly 2,000 connections. According to Olap, in 2021 in the capital, the average rent for a 50 m2 was 1,200 euros per month. Out of 1.1 million main residences, 45% are rentals in the private sector.

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Rent control: Paris now allows tenants to report overruns on the Internet

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