Red By SFR, Free or Orange: which cheap internet box to choose?

Do you want to change your internet box, but your budget is quite tight? You want to take out a cheap subscription, but you can’t make the right choice? Internet access providers often offer several formulas with and without commitment. The more promotional offers, the tougher the competition and the lower the prices. In this article, we will detail the services included in the offers of the cheapest internet boxes on the market to allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Top 4 cheap internet boxes in France

Choosing the cheapest and most efficient internet box is not so easy. Each ISP offers different services. So you have to choose according to your needs. We have gathered everything you need to know to help you find the internet box that suits you best. This is why we are offering you this comparison which will allow you to sort the different offers of the moment according to price, speed and other no less important options. Enough to give you the keys to understanding which cheap internet box to choose.

Bouygues Telecom’s Bbox Fit at 15.99 euros per month

The number 1 on the podium of the cheapest internet boxes is none other than the Bbox Fit, the standard box from Bouygues Telecom, which offers the best price-performance ratio on the market. Given the low price and the services included, the Bbox fit is the most popular choice of the moment in France. With the Bbox fit, you can benefit from high-speed ADSL, or higher speed with fiber optics if your home is eligible. With the Bbox fit, Bouygues Telecom has made every effort to satisfy you at a low price.

ADSL or fiber optic, the Bbox fit was designed to be compatible with both technologies. For barely 15.99 euros per month for 12 months, then 26.99 euros per month in ADSL and 30.99 euros per month in Fiber, you can benefit from ADSL technology with a download speed of 95 Mb/s. If your accommodation is eligible, you can take advantage of very high speed fiber up to 400 Mb/s, with the added bonus of unlimited calls to landlines in France in addition to 110 additional destinations.

Both on Fiber and on ADSL, the Bbox fit from Bouygues Télécom is the best inexpensive internet box of the moment. Indeed, with the Bbox fit, you will have the essentials for a good connection, to surf the internet, take distance learning courses, work remotely and still watch your favorite films and series, etc. However, to benefit from the television service, you must migrate to the Bbox Must or Ultym offered by Bouygues Telecom for respectively 22.99 euros per month during the first year (then 40.99 euros per month) and 29.99 euros per month for one year (then 49.99 euros per month).

The SFR Starter box at 18.00 euros per month

SFR still offers its Fiber Starter Box at the price of 18 euros per month with a 12-month commitment, then 38 euros per month beyond. It is an SFR Triple Play offer that combines internet, landline telephony and television. The Starter box is available in very high speed by cable, VDSL or fiber optic. If your home is not eligible for fiber optics, you can take out an SFR Box ADSL Starter subscription.

SFR’s Fiber Starter box includes Fiber with a very high speed of up to 500 Mb/s for download, unlimited calls to landlines in France and to more than 110 countries and a more efficient TV offer containing a TV decoder with 160 channels in 4K HD quality in addition. You can optionally take the most recent wifi repeater which allows you to amplify the wifi signal of your box to be distributed throughout the accommodation so you can enjoy the internet wherever you are in your home.

For those who are eligible for fiber optics, and who want to benefit from performance and cinema quality as well as ultra-powerful speed, the SFR Fiber Starter formula is perfect in terms of value for money. For those who are not yet eligible for Fiber, the ADSL Starter Box is available from SFR, including the same services and at the same price but is less powerful in terms of speed.

The Red Box from RED by SFR at 19.00 euros

RED by SFR offers an innovative, flexible and competitive offer with its inexpensive internet box at the price of 19.00 euros per month for 12 months, until November 14, 2022 instead of the usual 23, then 29.00 euros per month beyond the first year of subscription. This promotional offer gives the right to a first month free. Note that RED by SFR covers up to 100 euros in termination fees or the remaining months of subscriptions if you come from another internet service provider.

For those eligible for fiber optics, the Red box includes very high speed internet which can reach 500Mb/s for downloading, a more stable and fluid wifi5 connection than wifi4, with the wifi6 option for an additional 7 euros. This offer also includes unlimited calls to landlines in France as well as 110 countries and to mobiles in mainland France and overseas departments. In addition, you will enjoy 35 free TV channels via the RED TV app or 100 channels via the Connect TV decoder available as an option for 29.00 euros upon purchase + 3 euros per month in addition to subscription with 10 GB of storage cloud included in the offer.

For those who are not eligible for fiber optics, they can always choose the ADSL offer offered at the same price, without commitment, while benefiting from high-speed ADSL, up to 20 Mb/s for download. Also, unlimited calls to landlines in mainland France and overseas departments, to landlines in more than 100 countries and to mobiles in mainland France and overseas departments, WiFi4 with connection to the TV decoder in Ethernet only (cable provided) as a bonus 10 GB of cloud storage included.

The famous Freebox revolution at 19.99 euros

The Freebox Revolution is one of the best Triple Play internet boxes, combining internet, telephony and television service with incomparable value for money. With a price of only 19.99 euros per month for one year, it is the fifth cheapest internet offer on the market. Beyond 12 months, its price increases to 44.99 euros per month, in Fiber as in ADSL.

This inexpensive internet box includes a speed of up to 1 Gb/s for downloading with fiber optics, unlimited calls to landlines, mobiles and international landlines. As a bonus, it includes a TV package which consists of 280 channels with Freebox TV and TV by Canal in addition to Canal+ Series for one year and an Amazon Prime Video subscription for six months. Freebox Révolution has a Blu-Ray DVD player and a 250 GB hard drive.

Free continues to offer new updates, the very recent one is mainly responsible for improving the Freebox Revolution Player with bug fixes. Free has also equipped its Freebox Revolution with options aimed at reducing energy consumption and also the possibility of defining a period of inactivity before activating standby within a minimum period of 30 minutes.

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