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The Department collects your used laptops to recycle them!

From November 21 to January 21, drop off your used laptops at one of the department’s 600 collection points.

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Why does the Department recycle your laptops?

The smartphones we use every day are made of rare materials whose extraction has disastrous environmental consequences. To develop the recycling of these raw materials, the Departmental Council of Finistère has joined forces with the telecommunications company Orange and the Association of Mayors of Finistère.

Thus, the Department collects your used mobile phones to enable their recycling or reconditioning. For this, drop-off points are deployed in town halls, Departmental Council buildings, public and private colleges in Finistère and in the premises of partners who wish to join the operation.

How it works ?

Before dropping off your phone, make sure you have deleted your data on it. You can read this article of the CNIL to find out how to proceed.

As part of this operation, the Orange company provides the collection boxes for mobiles, takes care of the logistics of delivering and removing the boxes as well as recycling the telephones through their solidarity sector.

Once in the collector, your used mobile will first be sorted. Depending on its condition, it will either be reconditioned or recycled. To sort the mobile phones collected, an integration company will be mobilized: The bocage workshops.

Mobiles in working order are tested and their data is erased under the supervision of a bailiff. They are then repackaged and resold. The profits from this sector are entirely donated to Emmaus International.

Collected mobiles that no longer work are recycled: hazardous materials are treated and rare metals are recovered to be reused as raw materials.

This action of recovery of used mobile phones will allow, we hope, the recycling of materials whose extraction and transformation damage the environment. The Department acts for the environment by proposing, each semester, a strong action in favor of sustainable development. The recovery of mobile phones is in addition to our program to plant 500,000 trees.

Viviane Bervas,
Vice-president in charge of the environment and the circular economy

Further information

Discover Orange’s recycling channel:

If you would like more information on data protection, contact

Communication kit for collection points

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Suggested brief:

Take part in the operation to collect and recycle used mobiles!

In partnership with Orange and the Association of Mayors of Finistère, the Departmental Council is organizing a major recycling operation for used mobiles from November 21, 2022 to January 21, 2023. A laptop recovery box has been installed in our commune.

Mobiles in working order will be tested and their data erased by an integration company. Refurbished, they will be resold for the benefit of Emmaus International. Defective mobiles will be recycled with a specific treatment of hazardous materials and the recovery of metals, reused as raw material. Electronic waste is handled in accordance with the requirements of the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive.

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Recycle your used mobiles at one of the 600 collection points – News – Département du Finistère

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