Pyrénées-Orientales: “At Mar Estang, mobile home owners are taken by the throat”, accuses a Lorraine owner who filed a complaint

Owner of two mobile homes installed on plots of the 4-star Mar Estang campsite in Canet, a holiday village under the Siblu brand, Olivier Hubert, from Lorraine, considers himself defrauded by the Siblu group. On December 13, he filed a complaint with the Bordeaux prosecutor for the theft of his Trigano Sublima. Lacking detailed invoices, he claims, Olivier Hubert stopped paying Siblu and was expelled from Mar Estang.

In front of the gates of the Mar Estang campsite in Canet, this Thursday, May 12 smells like summer. The comings and goings of a few vacationers in scantily clad twirl relentlessly. Aboard a black SUV, a couple approaches. Like a shadow on the board. “Don’t stay there! Here the owners of mobile homes are taken by the throat, they can no longer pay, one day there will be suicides”predicts Christian Peret, the serious tone, the Belgian accent. “I’m occupying pitch 1612 but not for long, I’m going to Argelès to look for a new campsite to move my mobile home as soon as possible”he says.

For Olivier Hubert too, vice-president of the association of owners of mobile homes in France, the dream “sold by the company Siblu France” he winces, has turned into a nightmare. “I bought my first mobile home in 2018, the second in 2019 and, in 2020, I changed the first for a new one. Everything was going very well, until the year 2021 when Siblu sent me abnormal invoicing”, he judges. Before paying, the Covid crisis having also hurt some cash flow, he asked the management for details of the invoices. “And there, I realized that documents had been signed in my place. It is about the redemption of the guaranteed rental plan, it’s like a credit, but illegal. So I refused to pay the sums claimed . Not having personally initialed these papers, I did not have to pay a penny.”

The problems begin. “They messed with me and when they learned that I had become the vice-president of the association, I found myself squarely in the sights. Until the Mar Estang expelled me because I disturb “, believes Olivier Hubert who immediately takes a lawyer. And wrote to the public prosecutor of Bordeaux, the headquarters of Siblu France being located in Pessac. By registered letter dated November 30, 2021, the native of Lorraine traces the four formal notices sent by Siblu before the execution of the pledge procedure. Which consists in the event of non-settlement of the dispute in automatically transferring the ownership of the most indebted mobile home of Olivier Hubert, like any other owner, to Siblu France.

“I immediately seized my advice of the threat”, continues the forty-year-old who proposes to justice, as a sign of his good faith, to deposit the 2021 and 2022 rents due, as well as any other invoice, with the Caisse des dépôts and consignment pending the results of the investigation. open, even a judgement. The total amount of his claim (disproved) against the Mar Estang amounts to 15,795 euros. “I am trapped in the clutches of a society that conducts procedures under the cover of an authoritarian, precarious and unequal contract”pleads the boss of the two mobile homes of Mar Estang and two others in Charentes-Maritimes.

32 complaints lodged by mobile home owners against Siblu

But in Canet, for him, the worries are linked, the situation is deteriorating. “On December 2, we had an appointment with management to find common ground. Except that the day before, the video surveillance camera of one of my mobile homes beeped. There was an intrusion into one of my structures. I called the Canet gendarmerie, my key box had disappeared, I filed a first complaint against the director. The second dates back to December 13, 2022. This time, she is targeting the theft of her B11 mobile home, a brand new two-bedroom Trigano Sublima. Like its three-bedroom twin, both structures have been removed from their fee-paying plot and stored on an adjoining plot of Mar Estang.

“The largest of my mobile homes, the most expensive, is subject to the pledge procedure, Siblu considers that my property now belongs to it, which I formally contest”criticizes Olivier Hubert who does not agree with the penalties imposed on his other mobile home. “Since his move, Siblu has charged me ten euros per day, i.e. an amount of 2,917.82 euros as of May 6, 2022, not counting the following days which will further increase the bill. It’s nonsense. In November, I have proof, my mobile home was on its original location, it was only removed between December 7 and the reopening of the park, which in no way makes a balance of nine months. at ten euros a day”storms the customer.

claiming to be a victim of “segregation and discrimination“Since his election as vice-president of the defense association, he has demanded explanations and asked the courts for damages. “This eviction procedure deprives me of the working tools of my company, Siblu cannot replace the registry of a commercial court, especially since I was a very good rental company”fulminates Olivier Hubert, eager to sell his property that he still considers his own, and leave the Mar Estang.

Its president, Laurent Portier, also “ejected” of a plot in Charentes, supports the disarray of his deputy. “As soon as you buy a mobile home at a Siblu campsite, you are held hostage. They are the masters of the game”he denounces, citing 32 complaints filed against Siblu at the Bordeaux prosecutor’s office. “People call me crying, desperate, more than 70% in debt. Our fight is to obtain regulations for all campsites in France, we wrote to President Macron”assures Laurent Portier on behalf of his one hundred and eighty angry members.

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Pyrénées-Orientales: “At Mar Estang, mobile home owners are taken by the throat”, accuses a Lorraine owner who filed a complaint

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