PUBG Mobile brings martial arts legend Bruce Lee back to life

PUBG MOBILE kicks off 2023 by introducing a new partnership, this time with The Bruce Lee Family Companyto make the international icon appear in PUBG Mobile.

Available from January 10, “The Trial of Martial Strength” arrives with the 2.4 update. PUBG MOBILE will host a celebration of martial arts across multiple maps in addition to other special in-game items that will reflect the unique cultural impact of Bruce Lee, still to this day a combat sports icon like no other. PUBG MOBILE will offer players many ways to join the event with unique and iconic Bruce Lee items, ranging from outfit sets to headwear, and embrace the iconic style of this martial arts master. .

“To this day, Bruce Lee is still an inspiration to so many people around the world. » said Vincent Wang, responsible for editing PUBG MOBILEat the house of Tencent Games. “He is one of the most influential and well-known stars of the 20th century, and many PUBG MOBILE players are huge fans. We are incredibly proud to honor his legacy, adding many elements of his signature look and personality to the game. I hope this partnership will provide an amazing experience for PUBG MOBILE players and Bruce Lee fans alike. »

“We couldn’t be more excited to announce our new partnership with PUBG MOBILE, one of the most popular mobile games in the world” said Dennis Changassociate director of The Bruce Lee Family Company. “As online gaming communities around the world continue to grow to unprecedented levels, we are fortunate to have found a partner as open to collaboration as PUBG MOBILE, a game that is always the vanguard of the phenomenal growth trend in mobile gaming and which has created such an exciting and innovative experience that truly resonates with the Bruce Lee fanbase. »

Bruce Lee is one of the most famous characters of the 20th century, a specialist in martial arts and an actor to whom we owe the craze for martial arts cinema in the West. After cultivating his skills in many forms of martial arts, Bruce Lee developed his own, Jeet Kune Do, whose philosophies can be applied in combat as well as in difficult life situations.

This collaboration will add a unique collection of outfits and other in-game items to the game, all available for a limited time. Starting January 10, the Bruce Lee Kung Fu Soul Set, Melee Expert Set, and Mr. Kung Fu Set will give players many of the martial arts master’s iconic looks. Numerous cosmetic skins, among others for vehicles and parachutes, are also available, as are Bruce Lee-themed emotes.

Finally, players can participate in the Dreamrealm Apprentice event from January 10-26 to access exclusive rewards by following Bruce Lee through a series of challenging trials.

PUBG MOBILE is available for free on theApp Store and the Google Play Store.

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PUBG Mobile brings martial arts legend Bruce Lee back to life

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