Primeline. A new website for the heritage of the municipality

The Association for the Safeguarding of Religious Heritage (ASPR) of Primelin (Finistère), held a public meeting at the Multipurpose Hall on May 25. Thirty people were present.

The president, Jean-Luc Ladan, Alain Bain and Claude Le Borgne presented the new Primelin heritage site, for which these three passionate members have invested a lot.

The site lists and brings together a lot of information on the various crosses, calvaries and fountains but also and above all on the chapels of the town.

Plans and archives in pictures

You can thus discover the remarkable sites, in particular the chapel of Saint-Tugen, through plans, image archives (postcards and period photos), intangible heritage (Breton sayings to listen to), just enough information to want to learn more.

News and hotlines are updated there, as well as group visits that can be booked and organized online.

The creation of this site aims to energize and strengthen the tourist and cultural activity of Primelin, to improve the attractiveness of the village while preserving its lively character, its spirit and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

The chapel of Saint-Tugen receives 6,000 visitors a year and represents a tourist and economic asset that needs to be further promoted.

Permanences at the chapel of Saint-Tugen from 1er June

We would like to thank the municipality which has always supported us, but also the Grand Site de France de la pointe du Raz, which this year added the chapel of Saint-Tugen to its organized visits. Which will bring us, we hope, even more visibility “, explains Jean-Luc Ladan.

The permanence at the chapel will begin from the 1er June, every afternoon and until the end of September.

We are there for the transmission of this extraordinary and essential heritage richness that is the chapel of Saint-Tugen, it conceals many secrets and historical details that we share with great pleasure. adds Alain Bain.

The association is working on another project, the installation of QR codes near each notable place. ” A different and faster way to inform people passing through that we will not have the opportunity to meet “, concludes the president of the ASPR.

Primeline. A new website for the heritage of the municipality

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Primeline. A new website for the heritage of the municipality

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