Presentation of the book “Google Ads: 60 files to obtain official certifications”

The book Google Ads: 60 files to obtain official certificationspublished in Eyrolles editionsget this May 19, 2022 in bookstores and online for all amateurs, enthusiasts and professionals of online advertising (advertising or SEA more precisely in this context). This is my latest book, after being cataloged SEO for many years (I admit that I love it… ^^), with a completely different approach from the previous ones.

This new book is more focused on the general public, with a more fluid reading and within everyone’s reach. Certainly, it discusses technical aspects of Google Ads and advertising managementbecause the objective remains that a reader can succeed in obtain official certifications (and some questions are a bit twisted or technical ^^), but always in a desire to bring anyone to be able to understand the SEA (Search Engine Advertising).

When First editions trusted me for my first 2 books in 2013 (Web SEO Guide and Complete Guide to Social Media), I had approached writing as a desire to transmit general and somewhat in-depth knowledge for people interested in webmarketing in the broad sense (SEO and community managers in particular). Subsequently, the different editions of the book Web referencing techniques: SEO audit and monitoringco-written with Alexandra Martin (Miss SEO Girl) at Eyrolles editions, allowed me to approach writing in a more specialized way and much more technical aspects of SEO.

How does the book break down on Google Ads?

The organization of the book is extremely simple to explain, since it contains 3 main distinct parts:

  1. General information on advertising, with an introduction to the use of Google Ads. It is a broad introduction with an inventory of the field, etc.
  2. 60 sheets to explain the different aspects of Google Ads. This is the main part of the book (which is even slipped into the title ^^), and there is something for everyone (sheets that summarize really simple principles for regulars, others for more confidential points or techniques).
  3. Preparation for Google Ads certifications. The part focuses on the purpose of the book, namely to succeed in obtaining Google Ads certifications or even becoming Google Partners. You can find some sample questions with explained answers, others to practice, but above all the whole ecosystem around these certifications. The book even concludes by presenting Bing Ads which is not often mentioned in the SEA…

The book can therefore be used with different approaches, depending on your level on Google Ads, and according to your objectives:

  • It can allow you to get started in terms of SEA if you have not (or have little) practiced.
  • It can serve as a “practical guide” to help you manage campaigns, by picking up specifics from the 60 practical sheets.
  • It can help you obtain official certifications or Google Partner status.

You can always consult an extract of the book on Amazon or directly by this Izibook link.

Where to buy the book on Google Ads?

The book has 345 pages in total (counting the index) and is sold 32 €. He is available in all bookstores (well I hope ^^), whether in physical or online. On the Web, you can obtain it in particular on recognized sites among these:

I was extremely proud to be able to lead this adventure with Eyrolles editions. Either way, I hope you enjoy the book and help you achieve your goals. Feel free to leave me comments on the sales sites or here, and I will for my part pray that they are positive. Good reading ! 🙂

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Presentation of the book “Google Ads: 60 files to obtain official certifications”

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