Premium Wi-Fi option by Nordnet: maximize your connection!

The Premium Wi-Fi option, what does it consist of and why is it interesting?
If you have trouble picking up Wi-Fi in remote rooms of your home or premises, if you have thick walls that interfere with the wireless Internet connection, or you simply want to optimize your speed, then the option falls to peak ! We explain to you.

With the Premium Wi-Fi option, enjoy the best speed, everywhere in your home

The NordnetBox Emotion and the power of Wi-Fi 6

The new NordnetBox, Emotion model, integrates Wi-Fi 6. This technical evolution allows an optimized signal with an ultra-fast, stable flow, and with the best range.

The NordnetBox Emotion is only available as part of the Premium Wi-Fi option. Currently, the Wi-Fi Premium option is compatible with the following Internet offers:

It will soon be available for subscriptions Internet Radio MISTRAL and ADSL/VDSL.

The Wi-Fi Repeater 6: don’t repeat it, it’s our Wi-Fi secret!

The Wi-Fi Repeater 6, available on request with the Wi-Fi Premium option, is a state-of-the-art device.

It allows toextend Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home by picking up and re-boosting the signal of the NordnetBox, for smooth and uninterrupted navigation.

Thanks to the “Mesh” technology that we also call to simplify ” Smart Wi-Fi », the Repeater homogenizes the signal at its best level, wherever you choose to install it. Thanks to it, each room benefits from the same signal quality and the best throughput.

Even when you move from one room to another, the signal does not vary: the connected devices automatically switch between the NordnetBox Emotion and its Repeater, depending on the distance.

The Wi-Fi 6 Repeater, like the NordnetBox Emotion,
is made from recycled plastic.

The Wi-Fi Coach: a program to strengthen your connection

The last benefit of the Wi-Fi Premium option is not the least! Throughout your subscription, benefit from the advice and support of a Wi-Fi specialist to carry out the Internet diagnosis of your home or premises, and beyond to optimize your connection.

How’s it going ? Available by appointment, the Wi-Fi Coach works with you to carry out the inventory of your installation. It collects the specifics of your accommodation or premises, information on the NordnetBox and your equipment, your needs and your constraints. All these elements then allow him to provide personalized and above all concrete solutions.

Following each meeting with your Wi-Fi Coach, you receive a report of the exchanges for memory, with the possibility of calling the Coach for any additional question relating to Wi-Fi: connection of a new device, optimization of the signal, Repeater operation, etc.

You have questions: demand the answers!

The Premium Wi-Fi option is only €5/month. Enjoy!

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Premium Wi-Fi option by Nordnet: maximize your connection!

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