Practical life – Residents of Yermenonville deprived of landline telephones and Internet following the theft of copper cables

After Chartainvilliers (see our edition of December 3), it is the turn of the inhabitants of Yermenonville to be the unfortunate victims of a theft of copper cables on the fixed telephone network and ADSL internet.

No less than 1.8 km of cable was stolen on Sunday, November 13, around 11:30 p.m., in the neighboring town of Houx, depriving approximately eighty subscribers of service, all telephone operators combined.

Since then, nothing has changed and some of these subscribers are starting to get impatient. “My 87-year-old father, who lives alone, only has a landline to communicate,” testifies this resident of Yermenonville who prefers to remain anonymous. “My sister who lives 500 km away has not been able to speak to her for a month. »

What will he do if he has a problem? We bought him a cell phone but he can’t use it.

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She herself contacted her operator, Orange, several times to find out when the network would be restored. But she feels “led by boat. We were told a date fifteen days later and then a week later. Last time I was told everything would be fixed on Tuesday but still not. »

In Chartainvilliers, the fixed telephone network and ADSL cut for more than a month

The communication department of Orange Centre-Val de Loire, which is in charge of the historical copper network for fixed telephony and Internet access by ADSL, admits that it does not yet have a date for bringing it back into service: “It’s a very large quantity of cables that must be replaced and we have no more stock. We are committed to starting construction as soon as we receive our order. »

“A Plague”

For Orange, the theft of copper cables is “a scourge, which continues to grow year after year due to the increase in the value of copper. Last year, in Centre-Val de Loire, we suffered just under a hundred thefts of copper cables. This year, at the beginning of December, we already had 134. And over the weeks, this figure has grown even more”, specifies the communication department.

Thefts of copper telephone cables increased in 2022 in the Centre-Val de Loire region

As a commercial operator, Orange triggers 200 GB of data to allow its subscribers to continue to use the internet during the repair work. For those who do not have a mobile phone, the loan of a 4G key, to be collected in store, is also possible.

The only solution to avoid these thefts: the deployment of optical fiber, which does not have the same value as copper. In the meantime, Orange advises: “If you see individuals at night removing underground cables and loading them into vans, dial 17 immediately.”

In Chartainvilliers too. About eighty residents of Chartainvilliers were also deprived of landline telephones and Internet on October 24, following the theft of 1.5 km of copper cables. The recommissioning project – the lines of each subscriber must be connected one by one – was launched on 1 December.

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Practical life – Residents of Yermenonville deprived of landline telephones and Internet following the theft of copper cables

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