Poyesis: Custom web and mobile development

PBased on this observation, Maxime Pfrimmer and Walid Ghanem, two Polytechnicians, wanted to offer real personalized support for each client, combining technical excellence and best project management practices. This is how the Poyesis agency was born in 2021.

A complete web and mobile development offer

Call out poyesis , it’s the guarantee of finding a state-of-the-art solution to give birth to your digital project – web application, business software, mobile application, or even e-commerce platform and marketplace. Each of these areas of expertise is supported by tailor-made technical solutions, implemented by a crew of 15 full-stack developers and web designers, under the supervision of a quality manager. All employees are employees at Poyesis, which does not use freelancers or outsourcing, to ensure full control over the execution of projects. The development of the projects is carried out according to the agile method, by successive iterations, optimizing the time and the quality of production.

Dual expertise carried by the founders

Poyesis relies on the respective experience of its founders to meet the requirements of its customers. Maxime, former Project Manager at the Boston Consulting Group, brings his expertise in project management and helps his clients define their product vision; Walid, former startup CTO and IT researcher at INRIA, is responsible for the technical execution. The combination of these high-level expertises enabled Poyesis to obtain Innovation Tax Credit aggregation in its first year of activity. Maxime and Walid maintain a privileged relationship with their clients, of whom they are the direct interlocutors throughout the project – one of the markers of the agency, which implies that Poyesis does not work on more than 5 projects in parallel.

About twenty clients, from start-ups to large groups

A year after its creation, Poyesis has attracted around twenty clients, including startups in the seed phase or having carried out fundraising (Faks, Elleboss, Voice Meet, etc.), SMEs (Eat Salad, FCS, etc.) and large companies (Videolio, Otium Capital, etc.). Whatever the nature of the client, the requirement for quality and compliance with deadlines remains the same. This is how Poyesis invoices its services on a flat-rate basis, and not on a day-to-day basis: no overrun is invoiced to the client, the entire risk being borne by the agency. “This implies total confidence in our ability to deliver projects on time,” emphasizes Maxime Pfrimmer.

New services to come

The Poyesis team is always on the lookout for new products. This is how the agency takes a keen interest in development on the blockchain – more specifically, the creation of smart contracts in Solidity language. The agency therefore decided to train developers in this language to develop an offer on this technology by the end of the year. “This is both a business development opportunity and a real intellectual challenge offered to our employees,” says Maxime Pfrimmer.

Poyesis is therefore evolving, but wishes to preserve its DNA. Staying close to the client is important, which is why Maxime and Walid favor the internal promotion of employees who will continue to uphold the values ​​of the agency. “We are a human-sized agency. Our credo is quality, tailor-made. This was the founding point of the company: quality at the service of demanding customers” explains Maxime Pfrimmer.

The Poyesis agency may be young on the market, but it has already made a name for itself in the sector of tailor-made web and mobile development. Always happy to take up new challenges, the agency’s employees maintain a strong spirit of innovation to respond in the most appropriate way to the new problems of their clients.

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Poyesis: Custom web and mobile development

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