PolkaDot LivingFree: an amazing Tiny House (off the grid) with a Starlink internet connection

Do you dream of a functional, autonomous, on wheels, ecological, affordable, modular, versatile, but also off-road and off-grid suitable small house? You must then take a few minutes to read what follows, and discover the Polkadot LivingFree. This small house combines all the qualities mentioned above and will be presented at the next electric vehicle show in Noosa (Australia). In view of these very distant origins, it is not available in France, but it is really worth the detour with its look of a beach hut on wheels that you just have toattach to a trailer to go to the end of the world. Discovery!

A more than versatile tiny house

With the Polkadot LivingFree, you can stop wherever you want without suffering from the lack of water or the absence of networks. Indeed, no connection is necessary for it to be self-sufficient! The tiny house is electrically self-powered through solar panels which can deliver up to 3 kilowatts. On the roof, but also with two solar canopies and a 12 kWh battery, they can produce up to 5000 watts of continuous power. For water supply, the air-water generator makes it possible to obtain more 30 liters of water per day from air humidity. Gutters can also be added to recover rainwater and dew, in expandable storage tanks that are located under the floor; these same tanks can also serve as a dehumidifier inside the tiny.

Photo credit: PolkaDot LiveFree

And that’s not all !

The PolkaDot LiveFree has the Full high-speed Internet Wi-Fi network using Elon Musk’s Starlink internet dish, it offers up to 330/500 Mbps anywhere. So connected, even in the middle of the desert! For the rest, there is also a shower cabin, with hot water provided by an integrated electric water heater, composting toilets, a caravan refrigerator, and a sink… Options are available such as a suitable small washing machine or dryer. In the kitchen, the combined microwave oven will ensure you golden roasts or succulent cakes! The sofa converts into a double bed to provide comfortable sleeping or a relaxation area! If you wish, you can also turn the tiny house into a nightclub thanks to the smart home assistant speaker with full voice control and smart color lighting control.

It can also be used as a battery

As surprising as it may seem, the small trailer of the tiny-house being interconnectable, it can also be used as a battery for your electric car! This small shipping container measures only 3 meters by 2.5 meters for a height (at its highest point) of 4.05 meters. With a weight of only three tons, it remains light and complies with Australian regulations! At last, its cost is around $35,000 (33250€) for the basic model. It will then be necessary to add all the technologies presented such as solar panels for example. The cost for a house with two basic modules and the energies is estimated at $120,000 (approximately €114,000). It’s a bit expensive, but how pretty it is! For more information, visit on the official PolkaDot website !

solar panels on the Tiny House
Photo credit: PolkaDot LiveFree


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PolkaDot LivingFree: an amazing Tiny House (off the grid) with a Starlink internet connection

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