Plagiarism, a new trend among influencers? – Challenges

By opening his Twitter account, a series of comments challenge Adam Bensoussan. Fans of this young YouTuber, better known by the nickname Adam Bros, have just spotted one of his videos taken over, almost word for word, on another platform. The manager? An online media, known to follow the news of influencers. Section plan, explanatory formulas, choice of images…

Pumping in order, immediately reported to its author. The video will eventually be removed from social networks, a few days after publication. In the meantime, the YouTuber had to intervene directly to have it deleted and request its removal. “Without the comments on Twitter, I would surely never have discovered it,” admits this communication student, who will not hold a grudge. If the anecdote makes him smile today, it nevertheless reveals a more or less accepted practice among content creators.

Concepts made in the USA

Copiers, YouTubers? Encouraged by algorithms to push certain very specific content, such as keywords or “hashtags”, creators on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok have no problem imitating other channels and picking up the tricks, sometimes unconsciously. of their competitors. According to the firm Reech, around 150,000 accounts have more than 5,000 subscribers in France on the platforms. In this profusion of content, the ultimate consecration, that of “breaking through” on social networks, will remain for many a dream without a future.

To boost their audience and increase their production rate, some do not hesitate to draw ideas from others. Thus we find at Squeezie, Amixem, Inoxtag and other star influencers similar challenges, such as spending twenty-four hours in your car, telling horror stories or buying all the products suggested by advertisements on Instagram.

Youtubers are the first to take up the subject. Ironically, a few months earlier, Adam Bros had devoted a fifteen-minute video to plagiarism among influencers, viewed by more than 136,000 Internet users on YouTube. In this explanatory videothe 22-year-old young creator distinguished between a “servile copy”, which takes word for word the text or images of another creator, and an “original idea”, which cannot be protected by copyright in the French legislation.

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Plagiarism, a new trend among influencers? – Challenges

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