Our 5 tips for making “real” savings on your internet subscription

We have all noticed it: the rise in prices is everywhere, and affects all sectors. The telecom sector is no exception. So how do you succeed despite everything in saving money on this essential expense of our budget: the internet subscription for your home? We’ve concocted a little compilation of our best tips to reduce your costs.

Tip 1: change operator

Yes, the trick is known, but it nevertheless remains one of the most radical to obtain a good price: changing operator is an opportunity to take advantage of promotional rates reserved for new customers, often for the first year after subscription.

So why is it so often forgotten? Some people don’t want to waste hours each year completing a new contract, installing a new box, or simply changing their habits. And then there is the hesitation waltz in front of the dozens of offers available on the market. So for the brave, and on this last point at least, Ariase can help you compare current box offersand make your job easier.

Tip 2: pair your internet plan with your mobile plan

They call “Open Pack at Orange”Where “Multi-pack Internet program” at SFR, with its SFR Family advantages. And then there is the essential Freebox Pop, to be combined with the Free Series packages. They all have the same well-known system: for a purchased internet box package, your mobile subscription at a preferential price. Count one average discount of 5 euros per package. And don’t forget: this discount often applies to other family packages as well. Something to reduce the bill for children, for example!

Tip 3: stay sober, with a Box subscription without a decoder

What if you choose a box without a decoder ? You can thus go for the entry-level and minimalist Internet packages: a telephone line, and a connection, without losing either in quality of service or in speed. Indeed, the multimedia offer is everywhere, and the ways to access the various sources of entertainment are numerous. By giving up the TV decoder, you can then turn to:

  • either to the applications accessible from your PC, your tablet, or your smartphone, offered by the operators (B.tv or RED.tv for example)
  • either towards the Chromecast functionsometimes integrated into your decoder, as with certain Bbox offers from Bouygues Telecom. With a smart TV, this screen sharing interface allows you to display those of your smartphones and tablets on your television screen. Practical, right? Especially if you have a mobile plan with lots of data!

Tip 4: stay informed on the best deals

To be always aware of the promotions that are regularly offered (limited series, sale, flash sale, private sale), trust us: we are constantly monitoring all the offers on the market. So don’t hesitate, just sign up at our “Good deals” alert by clicking here. You won’t receive more than one email per month, and unsubscribing is quick and easy!

Tip 5: choose an offer that really suits your needs

The siren song of ISPs can sometimes make your head spin. But do you really need 3 Wi-Fi repeaters included, calls included to mobiles in China or a decoder with connected speaker Dolby Atmos HDR? The best way to save money on your bill is not to pay for what you won’t use!

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Our 5 tips for making “real” savings on your internet subscription

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