Our 4 good plans to pay less for your purchases on the Internet

Get cash back on your purchases

Recover a percentage of the expenses you make by credit card, in stores and especially online? This is the principle of “cashback” (return of money, in French). Thanks to partnerships with merchants, specialized players allow you to recover from 1 to 20% of the amount of your purchases.

How to do ?

By registering on the sites (and/or mobile applications) of eBuyClub, iGraal, Poulpeo or the French Capital Koala. Then by accepting the installation of their add-on (a small robot) in your internet browser. As soon as you visit a partner e-merchant, a bar is displayed to inform you of the percentage of cashback practiced. Just click on it to activate it. The cashback is credited to your personal space after firm confirmation of your purchases (no returns, refunds, etc.). To take advantage of it in store, simply use the bank card registered when you registered.

Savings achieved: €180 for €3,000 spent over a year with an average cashback of 6%.

A little extra advice: travel, purchase of a smartphone, computers, household appliances… these large expenses alone can generate tens of euros in cashback, and even more during special operations (sales, Black Friday… ).


Install a coupon extension

Immediate reduction of 15% on your basket, €15 for a first order, €10 for a purchase of €30, free delivery… These promo codes are legion on e-commerce sites. Still need to know where to find them!

How to do ?

Install extensions from eBuyClub, Honey, Minty, Wanteeed, or those from cashback players, who also compile all existing promotions. Once your cart is full, these little robots are activated to automatically test all the codes available from the e-tailer. And often, they find a reduction that reduces the total amount to be paid.

Savings achieved: €100 for €1,000 of purchases spread over a year, 10% reduction on average.

Monitor prices to buy at the right time

Not paying full price for your online purchases is easier than you think. “For a given product, there are bound to be online brands that are better positioned than the others”says Romain Gavache, in charge of the French market for Ledenicher.fr.

How to do ?

By using comparators Ledenicher.fr and Idealo.frwhich make it possible to put online retailers in competition and to visualize the evolution of the prices of any product since its launch.

The advantages of these tools: they identify the lowest price that has been practiced and you can configure alerts to be notified by e-mail or notification as soon as it drops.

Savings achieved: more than 200 € for a new smartphone. For example: the new 64 GB iPhone 12 is displayed at €595.40 at Rakuten (found by Le Dénicheur), against €809 at Apple (price observed on April 4, 2022).

“Identify your needs and uses”

The expert opinion of Romain Gavache, in charge of the French market of Ledenicher.fr.

Smartphone, computer, household appliances… whatever the desired product, the important thing is to start your research after having clearly identified the uses for which you intend it. This will dissuade you from jumping on a trendy model that you have seen advertised. In addition to being very expensive, it may prove to be oversized compared to your needs. Second step, compare the offers of e-merchants and study the price history: if they are at the top of the curve, be patient and wait for them to go down, for example during promotions, sales. Or when new models are launched (smartphones, computers, etc.): previous models invariably suffer a price drop.

Scrutinize the shares of good plans

Atomized price on an article, exclusive promotion, unprecedented price reduction of a product… Spotting all these nuggets, on the internet as in stores, is a full-time job. Fortunately, communities of Internet users share their findings so that as many people as possible can benefit from them.

How to do ?

Become a member of the Dealabs and Dealbuzz communities. All Internet users can post the good deals they have unearthed in all product families: food, IT, fashion, gardening, home, video games… Even better: you can program alerts to be notified as soon as a interesting price presents itself on a particular article.

Savings achieved: €900 for €1,500 spent over a year with an average discount of 40% (but beware of impulse purchases!)

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Our 4 good plans to pay less for your purchases on the Internet

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