Order your plants and other plants on the internet

While today, the first instinct when considering a purchase is to turn to the internet, whether it is shopping to be picked up at the Drive, via the garden furniture or the bed base of the little one. who grew up, without forgetting the car, and even the house! So why not order your plants on the internet? When it comes to seed packets, there are no obstacles; but when you have to ship growing plants, shrubs, or even young trees, the task can get tough and prove to be not very virtuous from an environmental point of view. So what about it?

Dread not choosing your own plants

The problem – which was for a long time an obstacle to the purchase of plants on the internet – is not being able to choose yourself, visually, the prettiest plant of rhododendron or wisteria, for example. Everyone preferred to go shopping at a local nursery or garden center: this was true for ornamental plants but even more so for vegetable plants such as tomato, basil, squash, etc.

With the Covid-19 epidemic and the successive more or less strict confinements, the situation has changed over the past 2 years, and new habits have been adopted, thanks to the public service of the Post Office which has not been interrupted. and to delivery services which have seen their volume of parcels grow considerably.

Even the least convinced of gardeners have had the opportunity to try buying plants via the internet in order to satisfy their desire to cultivate their vegetable garden and pamper their beds of annual and perennial flowers. Verdict: in most cases, they were pleasantly surprised by the efficiency, the good health of the plants and their protection for transport so that they arrived in excellent condition. This is undoubtedly the most difficult challenge to take up.

Opt for eco-friendly and protective packaging for travel

Try to limit the use of plastic in the garden is a challenge, as any gardener knows, using plastic sheeting for a tunnel, buckets for seedlings, a lighter watering can, etc. And the professional horticultural sector is even more concerned, so when it comes to transporting plants, which are by nature fragile, the use of bubble wrap, protective shells and plastic wedging cushions proves to be very valuable, but not ecological even if it is “recyclable” plastic.

Aware of this high consumption of plastic packaging, some players in the online sale of plants for the garden, such as Promesse de fleurs, have been undertaking eco-design research work for 3 years, which has enabled them to launch a full-scale test, as a paid option for customers, for several months, offering plastic-free, practical and robust packaging, keeping plants fresh and intact. Verdict: customer feedback is good, and despite the cost to the company, which is not fully passed on to customers, the process will continue and no doubt improve, develop, be less costly, and finally perhaps generalize ( except for a few exceptions for very fragile plants).

The cardboard and paper used to wrap and wedge the plants are made from 100% recycled materials, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, guaranteeing that the wood used in its manufacture comes from responsibly managed forests. They are therefore 100% recyclable both in the garden as mulch and in the recycling center.

Order plants and seeds online

At a time when energy prices are soaring, when global warming requires rethinking the management of crops and agricultural practices, and when the IPCC is warning with increasing insistence, betting on zero plastic in all shipments of orders within 3 years is a bet that will inevitably win. This courage deserves to be saluted.

Being able to send plants as gifts

Just as offering or sending flowers is part of the traditional customs accepted on various occasions, whether to celebrate, thank, congratulate, pay homage or express feelings through the language of flowers, why not offer shrubs or saplings by ordering them from organized nurseries for sale online? So you can choose the rosebush, the climber, the shrub or the tree, which you wish to send to a friend, a member of your family or a collaborator, while staying at home and being sure that he receives this gift. at home or at a parcel relay.

To do this, without there being any missteps, the “gift” option should be further highlighted and offered by the online sales site, which would just involve:

  • a delivery address separate from the billing address;
  • the absence of an invoice inside the shipment;
  • the possibility of attaching a card written according to the words transmitted by the sender.

If small improvements still remain to be made, it must be recognized that progress has been made among nurseries who have taken the plunge into e-commerce, and that nothing should stop you from ordering plants online from them…except perhaps be the carbon footprint due to transport, but this applies to plants as well as books, clothes and other objects ordered on the internet!

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Order your plants and other plants on the internet

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