Orange fiber: 7388 new municipalities connected in 2022

In France, 96% of homes connected to fiber are eligible for Orange fiber. Indeed, as of September 30, 2022, out of 33.1 million households eligible for Very High Speed ​​with fiber, 32.3 million had access to Orange fiber offers. As much to tell you, the fiber optic network deployment d’Orange is the most advanced. Once again this year, Orange fiber is the one available in the greatest number of municipalities in mainland France.

7,388 new municipalities connected to the Orange fiber in 2022

With 7,388 new municipalities connected to fiber, Orange is not the operator that deployed fiber the most in 2022. Bouygues Telecom and Free are doing a little less well and SFR a little less well. Nevertheless, the fiber of Orange continues to progress at breakneck speed. Because, 7388 new municipalities connected in 2022, this represents a 50% increase over one year. Already in 2021, the deployment of Orange fiber had already increased by 50%.

In addition, even if Orange is not the operator which connected the largest number of new municipalities to fiber in 2022, the incumbent operator is the one whose fiber is present in the largest number of towns and villages. in France. Indeed, to date, there are no less than 22,016 municipalities connected to the Orange fiber. This is nearly 1,000 commes more than Free, its closest pursuer in terms of fiber deployment.

98% of new municipalities eligible for Orange fiber are in rural areas

In very dense areas (106 municipalities), where each operator deploys its network, the deployment of optical fiber is advanced to 90%. In moderately dense areas, it is only slightly worse, with 88% of premises covered by fibre. However, in these 3,600 municipalities located in AMII (Call for Manifestation of Intention to Invest) zones, it is Orange, and SFR to a lesser extent, which deploy the fiber, the other operators having the possibility of coming to connect to the network afterwards.

There remains, all the other municipalities, tens of thousands of small towns and villages located in rural areas. In these less densely populated areas, public initiative networks (RIP) deploy fiber to fiber with the support of local authorities. And, as in AMII zones, commercial operators have the option of connecting to the network afterwards. In RIP Zones, only 63% of premises are covered by fibre.

As you can see, this is where Orange is now concentrating almost all of its fiber deployment efforts. In effect, in 2022, out of 7,388 new municipalities connected to the Orange fibre, 7,224 were in RIP zonesi.e. 98%

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Orange fiber: 7388 new municipalities connected in 2022

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