Online banking: these small options that facilitate and secure purchases on the Internet

Buying on the internet has become a consumer habit for the majority of French people. What could be better than seeing your online purchases made easier and safer? This is the objective established by several online banks, through certain services and options offered to their customers.

Saving time is often our goal when we buy on the internet. And online banks have understood this. Already leaders in terms of ease of use thanks to mobile applications and the speed of opening a bank account, they also allow their customers to facilitate their payments on the Internet.

Virtual cards, simple and secure

What is a virtual card? The virtual card allows its holder to obtain a temporary payment card replacing his real card (with a different number), and issued directly by his bank, in order to carry out transactions in a secure manner remotely. Most often, it is possible to configure the maximum amount of money to be debited, but also the duration of validity.

This service is used by some online banks (and even some traditional banks). Like Fortuneo, a subsidiary of Crdit Mutuel Arka, which makes its virtual cards available directly on the application, and totally free. Hello bank also offers a virtual version of its bank cards, allowing you to pay on the internet, but also in store with your smartphone or other connected object, via the Apple Pay, FitBit Pay, etc. services. It is even possible to add the temporary card to the traditional means of payment in the application section, thus allowing it to be selected directly during the purchase, like any other means of payment. N26a German fintech, also offers virtual debit cards via its application and thus promises online payment as simple as child’s play.

These cards have the advantage of being easy and simple to use, but also of guaranteeing the security of your past transactions on the Internet. Some online banks do not currently offer it, such as Boursorama Banque, Monabanq or BforBank.

Online banks are not the only ones to have understood the advantage of this service; Indeed, some banks with branches, like the Credit Mutuel de Bretagne via its Virtualis service, provide access to temporary cards via their application.

The card number “copy-paste” option

Nothing is more interesting for a user than limiting the number of clicks during an internet transaction. This is made possible by the option “copy paste” offered by some banks. It consists of allowing you to copy your bank card number directly from the application, then paste it into the payment interface of the merchant site.

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Several online banks have been seduced by this service and offer it to their customers, such as Orange Bank and Fortuneo, starting in particular from the virtual cards for the latter. At Orange Bank, this action is possible in the Payment tab of the application, then View card numbers and finally, Copy numbers. Be careful though! Despite the option offered by your bank, some websites do not allow copying and pasting of the card number, which must therefore be entered by hand, digit by digit…

Use of mobile payment and digital wallet

Mobile payment is very popular, making it easy and convenient to pay online and in stores. All you have to do is register your payment method on the interface, then pay on the eligible merchant site. N26 plays the game, for example, making purchases on the internet payable via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, Amazon Pay and Yandex in particular. Via these interfaces, you can store your banking information and pay directly on the merchant site with a simple click. Boursorama Bankmeanwhile, allows its customers to pay directly via Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.

Still on the digital wallet side, PayPal, a French service, is increasingly used. Can be used with friends and when paying in store, it is also available for online payment, in particular at hello bank. It is possible to validate transactions with a digital key or via a 6-digit code received by SMS on your phone. Thus, no need to enter the numbers of his credit card. online banking Monabanq also allows it. Information to take into account nevertheless, Paylib payment in store or on an online store is only possible via Android.

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Online banking: these small options that facilitate and secure purchases on the Internet

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